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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

are addictions contagious?

... can you catch them via podcasts???
Yes - I got a visit from the post-fairy today, and now have a sock-yarn stash worthy of Lime'n'Violet...

- the three top centre skeins are the SP9 colourways (waltz, chacha and foxtrot) from Susan at perchance to knit, the three on the left are merino-cashmere-sock and the three on the right are the merino 4ply sock, all from the knittery, and the one in the middle is ONline from yarns galore - it is actually the final ball from an order I put in a couple of weeks ago. Jeanette didn't have it in stock, so she sent the first couple of balls immediately and this one when it came in - fantastic seeing as this is 'blokely' colourways to make socks for Tuffers' xmas present (three and three quarter socks completed thus far). I also have some Lisa Souza on order - I am awaiting for Violet's pink ribbon and a couple of other colourways.

However, after seeing Wendy's "small" order, that arrived today.I don't feel quite so guiltly. Mmmmm - great big sea silk.. I want I want.... (*slap* Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's sea-silk)

And remember when my camera was broken I got a present from my secret pal, aka the Weasleys? This is it - complete with what was inside it (well, the muffins were baked and eaten some time ago...)
And some finished objects, completed when my ex-house-mates first son was born a couple of weeks (prolly closer to a couple of months) ago. I have been really slack, and didn't get them to the post office - I'll be back in Geelong next week so I will pass them on then.

In case you don't recognise it, it is the umbilical cord hat from Stitch'n'bitch (slightly modified for 6ply sock yarn leftover from Tuffers Jaywalker socks) and some funky pixie booties of my own design. Posted by Picasa


Polly said...

I how colorful the box is!

Taphophile said...

Absolutely you can catch them from podcasts. There is no known cure (apart from not listening, and that ain't gunna happen). Lerve the hat and booties - nice and warm for Geelong.

Merry Christmas.