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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tapestry Workshop

Visit to the Victorian Tapestry Workshop 19th Feb 08.... as part of my elective class in tapestry weaving.

This workshop has produced many great tapestries hanging in public places- one of the better known ones being the Parliament House Tapestry in Canberra.

Somehow I can't see myself completing these huge communal pieces that take many much...

but I do love these - they are much more me :)

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Monday, February 25, 2008

study in porcelain

One of the classes I am getting quite a bit out of is Drawing.

First time I had touched charcoal since about year 8 high school - and it was a little bit daunting staring at a toilet bowl with a whole bunch of easels set up around it.

Week two was 'Passengers on the Porcelain Bus'

An exercise in surrealism - we had to integrate a picture or photo into our drawing. Apparently my drawing is okay, but my shading is shite... 

Considering this stuff is all new to me, I am quite happy with the results - however, I am quite looking forward to next week, which will apparently be toilet bowl free.

garage sale

Hey there - 

I have a couple of things up on ebay - an ipod and a designer handbag. Both new.

If your interested, check 'em out!

***edited to add - iPod already sold***

I signed up for PPP!

Okay - so I am selling out a tad bit :)

I signed up with PayPerPost, where every so often I will earn money for 'sponsored' blog posts. Don't worry - I won't be turning into a sad cable channel, running informercials all the time - part of the understanding when you sign up is that you continue your normal blogging. In fact - I am hoping this will encourage me to blog a little more than I have been of late. 

The plan is to use half the funds I get from this to help out with bills and such (it takes a while to get used to centrelink after having a professional salary) and the other half will go into my 'Yarn Money Box' - which is only fair, as this blog really is all about the yarny-goodness... and yarn was the first item to disappear from my budget.

All sponsored posts will be fully disclosed - I won't try to pass off any paid advertisements (which is exactly what this is) as a normal blog post. Print media can't get away with it, and neither will I!

If you could also do with some extra pocket money, and keen for a similar opportunity check out PayPerPost. 

Thursday, February 21, 2008

mac the knife*..

oh yeah baby - I have joined the mac revolution and I'm loving it. I got my new macbook on tuesday night, and less than half an hour after opening the package I was connected to our network (via airport). The Man had terrible trouble getting his PC connecting to this network. After consulting the IT guys at his work, it appeared some obscure setting on Vista was turned off...

The only trouble I have had is that my external hard-drive - which has all my music on it - I imported about half a dozen songs before something decided it needed to be formated. Lucky the Man copied all of my music to his external hard-drive so I shouldn't lose any of it (of course, I will have to import all of my Harry Potter #7 from the CDs again... The Man didn't get a copy of that!)

*of course - I don't have one of the brand spankin' new macbook airs you could get a paper cut on (it was another $700 for that one), but I still think mine is pretty sharp!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm in photography class and this image came up - it was taken by Muybridge to settle a bet in the 19th Century.

I recently read about it in a book, and mentioned this in class. I actually admitted to finding out about it in "The Science of Discworld"... cue the nerd alarm!!!
However, I didn't feel too much of a nerd - the instructor is wearing a Dalek t-shirt!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love school...

Just a quick one because it's the first week of my course and I am exhausted...

but I was sitting up the back of class today, quietly knitting some socks - teacher notices and...

turns the lights on for me, cos, you know - good OH&S practises :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's over, Socrates...

Here tis - the hemlock ring doily blocking on my queen size bed. It is about 120cm in diametre - and lovely and warm. I am really happy with the FO - I was rather worried that it would end up looking like a very bad tie-dye job... but the muted neutral colours striped very nicely.

I am rather attached to this one, but have promised a couple of friends I would make them an afghan for their upcoming nuptials. If they fall in love with this one I may end up passing it on, with a couple of cushions to match. Or I may end up knitting another threw-for-the-carch before the month is through :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Where's my cow??? Bugrit!

'That's not my cow - that's foul ol' Ron!'

If you are a discworld fan, and have read THUD! you would be rather familiar with these lines... one of the better habits I have adopted from the Man is a rather keen ambition to consume discworld novels at a crazy pace. When I discovered that Pratchett had written a discworld picture book, I went a-hunting it down.

Unfortunately - the local bookshop didn't have it,but could order it in... and it would take about a month...and would be rather expensive.... so I went a-hunting on the internet, and managed to surprise the Man with a random gift (he didn't know about the book at all!)

The Man is rather delighted with the book - particularly with the illustrations of Commander Vimes (One of the man's fav discowrld characters - the other is Lord Vetinari)

This is a delightful picture book, great for kids and a must have for any discworld fan. I recommend you chase it up!

And on other note - just to prove Pierre did survive the three weeks without me, a cute dog photo:

Friday, February 01, 2008

evil ducky; good ducky

evil ducky said "buy me - I can show you how to have lots and lots of fun"

good ducky said "I gots nothin'! I only share my opinion with those who legally own me, and have a sales receipt for proof of purchase."

evil ducky won. Of course - good ducky came home with me too, just so I could find out what opinions it had :)