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Thursday, February 21, 2008

mac the knife*..

oh yeah baby - I have joined the mac revolution and I'm loving it. I got my new macbook on tuesday night, and less than half an hour after opening the package I was connected to our network (via airport). The Man had terrible trouble getting his PC connecting to this network. After consulting the IT guys at his work, it appeared some obscure setting on Vista was turned off...

The only trouble I have had is that my external hard-drive - which has all my music on it - I imported about half a dozen songs before something decided it needed to be formated. Lucky the Man copied all of my music to his external hard-drive so I shouldn't lose any of it (of course, I will have to import all of my Harry Potter #7 from the CDs again... The Man didn't get a copy of that!)

*of course - I don't have one of the brand spankin' new macbook airs you could get a paper cut on (it was another $700 for that one), but I still think mine is pretty sharp!


Ceels said...

Welcome! I fought long and hard against getting one, but have never looked back. I love my little mac

Lara said...

Welcome to the cool kids club.

Of course, we're not smug, but we do wish that people would listen when we tell them that macs are easier to use, easier to use, and easier to use.


PS. Check out iPhoto, the BEST APP EVER!

Jejune said...

Welcome to the best club! We've been a Mac family since they first came out, and always complain when we have to use PCs ;)

I want one of those mega-thin laptops... sigh.

Jejune said...

PS Look for the Dictionary in the Applications folder - the whole Oxford American (oh well) Dictionary and Thesaurus at your fingertips. I use it all the time for my puzzle writing.