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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bargain Books :)

Small book sale :)

I have extra brand new copies (... one of each) of

'Knitting Beyond the Edge' by Nicky Epstein, and

'One Skein Wonders' by Judith Durant.

These are brand new (never been read virgin text!) and I'm willing to sell them for $30 (AUD) each plus postage. Payment would need to be made via Paypal or Direct bank deposit.

If you interested, email me at - first in best dressed!

If they sell thru the blog I'll throw in a couple of goodies for the buyer, otherwise I'll probably end up putting them on Fishpond if I don't get any bites here anything by the end of the week.

Monday, October 08, 2007

mental health awareness - black dog special

Just a quick note - should have mentioned it in friday's post.

- October is Anxiety and Depression Awareness month;
- this week (7th - 13th Oct) is Mental Health Week; and,
- this Wednesday (10th) is World Mental Health Day.

If you are looking for ways to participate I suggest you pop over to the beyond blue website for some ideas. This is for Aussies - if you have a link to an overseas organisation please email me or link it in the comments.


bah... just cos I have a copy of the illiad i'm a history/lit nerd?? says I'm a Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

lucky there wasn't a section for knitting/crafts! i'd definately be in the high percentile there!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fight the black dog #7 - October 07

Fight the Black Dog #7

– a contribution from another “Black Dog Knitter”

I found your blog through I think that
this is a great thing that you're doing. I thought
I'd write something and send it in... If you post it,
I wouldn't mind being named as just June.

Umm, I wish you luck with this! I'd like to read more
stories that people send in. :) I think it helps.

Everyday I'd think, "Why do I have to exist?"

My boyfriend called while my roommates and I were
watching Nip/Tuck, so we paused it. When I came back
a few minutes later, the DVD had returned to the main
menu. It wasn't paused anymore.

"What took you so long?" one of my roommates asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You were gone for like 15 minutes."

"I was only gone for like 5. That's what my phone

"Well we already finished the episode."

I threw down the remote and said, "Fine." Like a
sulking child.

"We're just kidding!" They gave each other looks.

I ran off to my room, tearing up, citing that it had
been a bad day, and I locked myself in my room and
cried for hours. My roommate didn't try to come in.
That made it even worse, you know? Knowing that
nobody cared enough to comfort me when I was crying.
I was always waiting for someone to bust in the door
and cry out, "What's wrong, June?" and hug me and
everything would be better.

I think 6 years of hiding it from my parents helped me
hide it from everybody else too. I can't expect
someone to make me feel better if I didn't let them
know. I locked myself away because I didn't want
people to know. I was alone because I made sure I was

The reason I'm writing about this incident is because
this is the one that made me realize that I needed to
find help. I couldn't possibly live with this
overwhelming despair about my useless and worthless
existence. I couldn't live knowing that I was
pathetic. There are people in the world who remain
strong, facing shit that I could never even imagine
facing... and here I am, crying over a fucking TV
show? How pathetic. What a pathetic person.

I thought, "I don't want to feel like this anymore."

Admitting it was such a hard step to take. Actually
doing something about it was even harder. That phone
call to the counseling services on my university
campus... there were moments when I wanted to hang up
and forget about it....

I'm glad I didn't.

– how to contact me and/or show your support
if you would like to contact me, you can do so at ginger_nut(at)bigpond(dot)com – if you are sending me a story of your particular battle, please try to include whether or not you want me to include your details. I received some emails from anonymous email addresses, and that is fine as well. I’ll include those stories later one.
I was happy that people have posted about depression on their own blogs, as well as sharing the button I created. If you would like to show support with the button you’ll find details of how to create the link via the first weeks post.
Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has mentioned my campaign on their blogs, podcasts or web-zines – I have tried to visit everyone who left a comment, and if you look at my sidebar you will see my bloglines list has grown quite a bit. If I have missed you, please leave a comment or send an email.

– a brief disclaimer
I need to point out that I am in no way an expert or professional in the field of mental health – everything I share with you here derived from my own personal experience and treatment in conjunction with ‘self-education’ from wanting to know more about this condition. I have started this campaign to raise awareness of Depression and mental illness and to help support others who are affected by this (whether directly suffering or knowing others who suffer) If you are in need of help, please contact your doctor and speak to those in your family and circle of friends.


Ginger_nut aka Meg

a quick FO update :)

Despite the lack of blogging, there has, infact, been quite a lot of knitting going on here.

I snapped up the new Patons Inca book when it came out, and really like the fair isle yoke sweater. Especially when I realised it would use up stash yarn, and it would be a quick knit on 8mm needles.

Yes - I have strayed from my usual pattern :) This top in neither green, nor in the same colour as the picture :)
A close up of the colourwork - it pulls in a bit at the bottom of the sweater because I found it difficult to leave the floats long enough with the bulky yarn.
The finished item - all attitude :)

As you can see - the model looks extremely slim and flattering, while I look a bit more 'human'. I know that high-necked yoke styled tops aren't the best for my figure (whadayaknow - a gal with boobs!) but this is still one of my favourite tops. It is incredibly warm and comfy. I did convert the pattern to an EZ one piece sweater and am very happy with the results and the lack of seaming.

I also got a request (albeit in jest) from a rock-climbing friend for a nice natural fibre beanie for use in the himalayas (or some other high altitude part of the world... I'm hazy on the details :)) Knowing a hand-knit gift would be appreciated by this person, I decided to take the request seriously, and make him a hat.

May I present the 'Mountaineer's Beanie'

Double knit in Paton's Jet - so is double sided and has alpaca for extra warmth. Quite happy with this hat - I think I managed to encompass the personality of the friend in the finished article.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ME-Yow... or... I'm not a cat person but...

One of the best things about being back in good ol' G-town is the sense of community it harbours.... particularly when it is a one horse (well, team) town...

The past two years I had been in Sydney for the AFL grand final (which is also a one horse AFL town) and apart from the TV broadcastors trying to make it a big deal you would never have known that they were in the grand final both years!

No chance of that happening in Geelong - first to start painting the town blue and white was the art shop...
They started the same week as the finals....I love this set up of the team in their windows....However, they weren't the only ones to show off their blue and white...

Next door, griffiths (the best bookshop in G-town) got a bit of blue and white happening... Prints when up in windows...Blue and white merchandise is displayed all over town...
Yep - even the salvos got in the act!
The band wagon included dentists....
... and real estate agents.......and loan sharks......and crazy P-platers...
...and yes, even the local porn shop...

...and although geelong isn't a country town, come last saturday afternoon, everyone had somewhere better to be....

... Yay Cats....

Everyone in my world is incredibly happy happy joy joy this week....
there will be a lot of smelly blue and white hooped jumpers come next week! *I was tempted to title this post "We love you cos you're a vic-tor-i-an".... especially after storm won the NRL!