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Friday, October 05, 2007

a quick FO update :)

Despite the lack of blogging, there has, infact, been quite a lot of knitting going on here.

I snapped up the new Patons Inca book when it came out, and really like the fair isle yoke sweater. Especially when I realised it would use up stash yarn, and it would be a quick knit on 8mm needles.

Yes - I have strayed from my usual pattern :) This top in neither green, nor in the same colour as the picture :)
A close up of the colourwork - it pulls in a bit at the bottom of the sweater because I found it difficult to leave the floats long enough with the bulky yarn.
The finished item - all attitude :)

As you can see - the model looks extremely slim and flattering, while I look a bit more 'human'. I know that high-necked yoke styled tops aren't the best for my figure (whadayaknow - a gal with boobs!) but this is still one of my favourite tops. It is incredibly warm and comfy. I did convert the pattern to an EZ one piece sweater and am very happy with the results and the lack of seaming.

I also got a request (albeit in jest) from a rock-climbing friend for a nice natural fibre beanie for use in the himalayas (or some other high altitude part of the world... I'm hazy on the details :)) Knowing a hand-knit gift would be appreciated by this person, I decided to take the request seriously, and make him a hat.

May I present the 'Mountaineer's Beanie'

Double knit in Paton's Jet - so is double sided and has alpaca for extra warmth. Quite happy with this hat - I think I managed to encompass the personality of the friend in the finished article.


gemma said...

brilliant hat! Inca is nice and soft, and the jumper looks perfect.

Mary Lou said...

Great hat - and I like the sweater on you better! I bet that model was very itchy with a sweater over her shirtless skinny self!

Karin said...

I love the sweater and the hat. Beautiful job. And, you look great in that sweater.

Thank you also for the stories....
they help.