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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shoesday - odd button shoes...


Way back when, when I first joined the Navy, there was some sort of hiccough in the system and I didn't get my full pay for the first 6 weeks. When I finally did get paid I happened to be in Canberra with all this cash burning a hole in my pocket...

Given that the epitome of style in Jervis Bay was the Kmart three quarts of an hour drive away, and that I had spent the past 6 weeks in GP (general purpose) boots - I was keen to spoil myself a little.

I found some beauties just like these during a shopping marathon in the ACT - (these photos were salvaged from an ebay action) 
Can you see why they are called Twins? The are off the fraternal type - complementary but not identical. Oh, and incidentally, I have to say that Camper, originally made in Portugal, manufacture the most comfortable shoes evah!
I have literally loved these shoes to bits - these were the first pair of non-uniform shoes I polished when they began to get scuffed (a solid black leather background made the bright white 'thread' and silver 'needle' embroidery stand out better). The first bit to go was the the little rubber 'Camper' tabs on the side near the heel. The sole got quite worn down. Then Pierre chewed through the elastic mary-jane strap when he was a young pupster. Early last year, about 4 years after I first bought them the button finally fell off. I still have it somewhere, and the shoes are still completely wearable and comfy, but they just didn't have the same sole soul...

Knowing this, when my Sis went to Europe for a holiday last year, she brought me back a brand new pair of Campers...

Funky bright red ones! The only problem - they were just a tad bit too tite - these are a 38 when I needed a 39, and I couldn't take them back and exchange them.  What to do, What to do??
I am sure that any shoe-fetishes out there would be telling me to 'suck it up and remember that style = pain', but considering that the reason to wear Campers is because they are incredibly comfy shoes, that seemed to be a rather ridiculous reason to hang on to these gorgeous shoes...

However, being a gift, I was worried I would offend my sister if I were to offload these, so they sat in my closet for a long long time... until I decided to exchange without the blessings of the Camper company. 

I couldn't get the exact same shoes, but these cuties are on their way to me as I type this...(photo also stolen from ebay)
I won these on ebay last week, and put my red Campers up for auction... I can't wait until these arrive! 

Oh... and anyone with feet slightly smaller than mine that want to bid on my bright red campers can find them here...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lest We Forget

No Roses

No crosses mark the ocean waves;
No monuments of stone.
No roses grow on sailor's graves,
The Sailor rests alone
His tributes are the sea gulls' sweeps,
Forever wild and free...
And teardrops that his sweetheart weeps
To mingle with the sea

For all the sailors who have lost their lives at sea - in particular the crew of HMAS Sydney (II), whose final resting place was undiscovered from 1941 until just last month.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

old acquaintance...

In a couple of the blogs I read, the idea of reunions has come up... and I thought I would run with the idea. 

It's all the fault of Facebook that I am on the topic of reunions. I got a message from one of the girls I met 10 years ago when I was an exchange student in Portland, Oregon. In the greatest of American traditions, time was up for a high school reunion. The Man and I were planning a trip over to the states in September to co-incide with the reunion, but it now appears the finances won't stretch that far :( It looks like that won't happen unless we win lotto*. Alas, don't cry for me Rex Putnam High School... 

*very difficult seeing as we don't buy lotto tickets. If anyone wants to send me one, please feel free.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sick Sick Sick!

Ugh - I am home from school for today because I am the snot monster from planet mucus!

The absolutely worst thing about taking the happy pills, is that you can not take anti-histamines or pseudo-ephedrines* or any of those other lovely drugs that help you wake up and/or sleep when you have a cold or flu.  So now my head feels like it is trapped inside a high-pressure bubble, my body feels like a whole herd of heffalumps has trampled me, and my brains have been replaced by boogers. There is no way I would make it through 7 hours of classes today plus the 3 hours of train travel - which just makes me feel even lower :(

I am going to anoint myself in vicks and drown myself in ginger honey tea and completely indulge in Dr Phil and Oprah, and then, perhaps a little Simpsons DVDs - and perhaps I'll be able to make it to the Carlton Hotel tonight for the monthly Geelong S'n'B. I could do with a girls night out, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

If anyone has any other good home remedies that work and don't involve gall-bladders of cats or something similar, please, please share!

*Pseudo-ephidrines are actually no longer available in the state of Victoria because they are too easy to turn into speed. So even if I wanted to be norty and mix my drugs I wouldn't be able to. Perhaps I should hang out in some dodgy alley til I find a dealer for speed! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Textile Tuesday

Another week of photography...

Tapestry with shuttles.

And this week I am sharing my first evah hand-woven tapestry... cut off last Tuesday afternoon.
Warp is mercerized cotton; weft is rug wool.
Still needs to have a few ends cleaned up, but don't you just adore the way the warp threads are so neatly plaited off?

Thursday, April 10, 2008


When was this photo taken? Any guesses???It was taken about 20 minutes after sunset. Yes, that's correct, after sunset. The sky was completely dark! Picture of the street behind South Geelong Train Station.

That bright light you may have thought was the sun - tis a street light. I took the picture with an 30 second exposure, while the camera was resting on my car's dashboard (which is why it isn't really a fun picture - I was just playing) The longer exposure time means that the 'film' (or, as I was using a Digital SLR, in this case the film was really light sensitive silicon sensors) can pick up more detail in low light. 

I had the camera resting on my dash because, even at the best of time, I am not a very steady person. However, with a 30 sec exposure, no-one would be steady enough to take a clear picture - your blood pumping through your veins would be enough disruption to make a blurry shot.

Here endeth the lesson. I gotta get me a DSLR. Perhaps if I save real good I can gets one in a decade or so!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Red Bubble

I have just come across this cool Australian site you can use to promote your own artwork and sell prints, posters and t-shirts... kinda like a local cafe-press (but IMHO easier to use)

Needless to say, I joined up (it's free) and uploaded a couple of pictures I have taken. There is a cool widget in the sidebar that slideshows through my work.
If you're interested, pop on over and check it out here - this link goes to my profile (a bit of shameless promotion) but it's a place for you to start :)
These images are the ones I have uploaded so far...

clutchie goodness

Just a quick not for anybodies interested - those cute bags featured in yesterdays post are now up in the shop here!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Textile Tuesday

In which I do my best imitation of BrooklynTweed's wonderful photography!

I have become obsessed by playing with linen stitch. So much so that I am developing a kind of 'knitted weave' - 

such as twill:

The structure of these stitches makes for wonderful bags - such as this 'mini-clutch', lined with fabric and finished with magnetic fasteners.
And chevron / herringbone:
This one also lined with fabric, but finished with a zip...
Product shoot photos completed today in class. Not only will these be used for my assignment, but also for the dual purpose when I get around to uploading them to the store. I love that my studies are teaching me skills I can use immediately!

And these are a little fun:

I am not sure whether to call this one "feed me" or "Laaaaaaaaaa"...
But this one is definitely called "C is for clutchie, that's good enough for me..."

Monday, April 07, 2008

More Pupsters!

Something to help with any mondayitis you may be suffering -

some cute dog pics that I have had on my computer for a few weeks...

This is Pierre sitting in the boot of the car while I was packing up after the Drysdale Market last week. His front paws are resting on the Garment rack I use to display stock.

Yes, my car is a mobile mess. 
Easter Saturday Market at Point Lonsdale - These fellow papillions were visiting from South Australia (Adelaide, I think).  I see that Pierre's camera hogging abilities are a trait of his breed.
This teddy-like pomeranian puppy belongs to another Meg - daughter of the stall holder next to us at the Easter Saturday market...
Pierre was happy to meet so many other dogs his own size!

And this is my first media campaign for the stock in my store- postcards! The colours on this are funky because the file needed to be in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key/black)for the printers, and computer screens show RGB(red, green and blue).

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sun Shoes day!

Okay - I know that according to the Goddess of Footwear RoseRed that Shoesday is supposed to be the day after Monday, and not the day before, but I spent ages taking product photos yesterday and today, and felt the need to share this shot with you.

Shoe-stylin' stitchmarkers available from
From l-to-r; b-to-f: purple enamel high heel, high heeled sandal, slingback high heel, 
plain flip-flop, flat slide, floral flip-flop.

One of the aims of the photography class I am taking as part of my course is to be able to take reasonable product pictures. I don't yet have the Digital SLR as part of my kit, but I do have the ability to play with the ISO, exposure, white balance, macro and flash settings on my camera, and can also play with light and the composition. 

I took heaps of pictures, and got lots of over/under exposed shots, blurs, out of focus etc etc - it is very difficult to take nice pictures of teeny tiny little shiny beads and get any detail. And I only used Photoshop for cropping and extending the background colour into the back corner.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

stitchmarker frenzy...

I literally just added hundreds of stitchmarkers to the store - and rather than put them in sets, I have them all up for individual sale, with prices starting at $2.50 a piece.

I have had a beading marathon, and my hand is now bruised where the handles of my pliers and wire-cutters dig into the fleshy part of my palm.

There are a wide variety available - cloisonné, glass, acrylic, polymer clay, metallic and enameled - and cute funky motifs, such as pirates, shoes, handbags, animals, cocktails, butterflies and candy-coloured glass beads. If you need a little knitting bling, pop on over and check it out. Some tempting images are below to whet your appetite.

Ravellers already get a discount, but if you are reading this and you haven't yet gotten past the Ravelry velvet rope drop me a line at with the subject "Discount Puh-lease" and I'll let you join in on the savings :)

Don't forget that every-time you shop at in April you go into the draw to win a skien of handspun!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Who got free stuff???

Bells got free stuff!

For the month of April, each time you shop at you will go into the draw to win a handspun skein of your choice from the shop.

So far the small project bags are proving to be very popular - I only have two left in stock at the moment, but am currently chasing some more down. If you have been eyeing these off and they just aren't quite in your colour check back towards the end of next week when I should have the new stock updated.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Me - well and truly! 

Thanks to everyone who sent comments, emails, messages or texts wishing me a Happy Birthday on Friday - I had a fantastic day weekend!

On Friday arvo the Man, Pierre and I departed for Daylesford. The Man had booked a pet-friendly B&B - hence P came along. We arrived just before sunset - so after finding our accommodation we took the pupster for a wander down the main drag.

When we strolled passed Frangos & Frangos it became apparent we were rather peckish -and they were rather dog-friendly, so we stopped for dinner. Well... The Man and I had dinner - poor Pierre didn't get any of our cuisine...

Due to the fact it was early in the evening, the staff weren't too busy, so I nabbed the waiter to take a pic of us when he brought out our mains - 
(The Man had lamb, black lentil jus and mash while I had canestroni with roast pumpkin, ricotta and mustard fruits - see, it wasn't mere food, but cuisine)

And there wasn't a birthday cake, but we shared this - 

Blood Plum and Rum Trifle topped with gold leaf - so good we had to taste it before we got the camera out...
Oh - and P loved being out to dinner with us!

After dinner we went back to the Double Nut Chalet (appropriate seeing as it was gingernut and Mr gingernut!) where there was champagne sparkly, choccies and a spa bath awaiting for us.
The view from the front door of our 'Chalet'
See those high ceilings? The only thing that went wrong during the whole weekend was that at about 2am the smoke alarm battery decided it was going flat... and was giving out persistent chirps every few minutes and the smoke alarm was riiiight up the top of the wall! The Man had to climb on the table to reach it to shut the thing up!
Funky cosy living (even port supplied for that nightcap)
And cosy heating (and aircon if you need), a good supply of movies, and electric blankets if its your thang (we prefer to snuggle under an extra woollen blanket thou)
MMM... Spa!

After our lingering breakfast on Saturday, we found Purls Palace (more on this in another post!), the Convent Gallery and had lunch (well, I had Devonshire tea coffee) at Rhubarb Cafe and stopped at the bookstore before heading back to Geelong to catch up with The Man's family for dinner. (All dog-friendly... except the 'Bad Habits cafe' at the Convent Gallery, as it doesn't have al fresco dining)

At the Queenscliff Market on Sunday I tracked down  the "Tea with Alice Cupcakes" stall and bought this goigious lime-iced vanilla as a birthday cake treat for myself.
(Well - to keep with the theme, Sunday was actually an UNbirthday for me, but I am sure the Dormouse and Mad Hatter would have approved!)