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Saturday, June 21, 2008


THE GAME, originally uploaded by pierretheyarnsnob.

I really should be finishing off my folios to hand in first thing on monday... instead I am playing flickr game memes... (see end of post)

The Answers??
1. Meg
2. Mayan Gold Chocolate*
3. geelong high school
4. Jewel green
5. Mr. Big
6. Baileys on ice
7. Around the world
8. everything on the desert menu
9. do i have to grow up?
10. Pierretheyarnsnob
11. Pupster**
12. Nuts

*Green & Blacks, of course
**was a close call between him and the man - searching for both gave no results and searching for Pupster gave me and this generated the tiny sweater which = another of my loves, knitting...

The concept:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker).

The Questions:

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We did it in public...

Knit... of course - what were you thinking? (Quite possibly that you did it too!)

Today, being world wide knit in public day (or wwkip for short) was celebrated in Geelong in style. The original plan was to knit outside at the Beach House cafe down on Eastern Beach, but the weather didn't want to run with that plan. Instead, we took over the inside of the cafe - taking up prime position next to the fire.

We took a while to sort out what we were going to do, so it was last minute that I posted it to the official kip website. We had a couple of new faces so it was worth doing.
A few people had left by the time I got the camera out, but the people I caught in attendance were (l-to-r above) the-other-Meg, who showed up in a great hat and scarf which immediately let us know she was a knitter, Gillian in her lovely colinette-tagliatelli cardigan, Kathy wearing a one-piece patons inca jacket, Gwet, who is working on a sideways-knit-blanket-top from a Rowan Book, Trish who is working on a beautiful blue shawl (detailed in a pic below), my Mum who I dragged along at the last minute, and one other lovely lady whose name I cannot remember for the life of me (can someone help me out??)

Below, the-other-Meg is counting her stitches...Trish is apparently famous enough that she hides from the paparazzi behind her knitting...

Gillian and Kathy proudly wearing their Finished Objects...
We all had fun - How bout you??

Friday, June 13, 2008

Free pattern - Seamless Wedding Afghan

I came up with this design when I really didn't like the idea of knitting the equivalent of 9 scarves and then sewing them all together. I really hate seaming, so an alternative was needed. This is based on the theory on entrelac knitting, but without any starter triangles. The whole thing is knit back and forward in garter stitch, making a lovely soft blanket.

The finished blanket is 115cm (just shy of 4 feet) along each edge. 

Yarn: Bendigo Rustic 12ply 8x200gram balls (270metres per ball)
c1 'Earth' 2x200gram balls
c2 'Cedar fleck' 2x200gram balls
c3 ' Agate' 2x200gram balls
c4 'Natural fleck' 2x200gram balls

Knitpicks options: one set 5.5mm needles. 
You will need two long (approx 150cm) knitpicks cables and end caps to use as stitch holders for the border stitches. One of these long cables will be used when knitting up the border. (you can use waste yarn to hold you stitches but it is not as convenient as the knitpicks cable)
You will also need 3 stitch markers.

Gauge: 16 stitches and 32 rows = 10cm in garter stitch
Abreviations: SPW - slip the stitch on the needle purlwise with the yarn in front of the needle as if to purl.


The squares are worked diagonally, like stair steps. I will refer to each colour change as a 'diagonal'

Diagonal 1: (1 square)

First Square: With C1, cast on 20 Stitches. 
Slipping the first stitch of each row purlwise with the yarn in front of the needle (SPW), knit 40 rows garter stitch.
Diagonal 2: (2 squares)
First Square: Leaving your 20 stitches live on one needle, use C2  and cast 20 stitches on the empty needle. Turn your knitting so you are ready to knit the stitches just cast on.
Row 1: SPW, knit to end of row.
Row 2: SPW, knit to last stitch. Knit the last stitch together with one stitch from the first square by slipping the first stitch, knitting the next and then passing the slipped stitch over the first (SSK)
Repeat the last two rows until all stitches from the first c1 square have been knit up.

Last Square: Still using C2, pick up 20 stitches from the side of the
c1 square. 
Row 1: SPW, knit 19 stitches, turn
Row 2: SPW, knit to end of row.
Repeat first two rows 19 more times. 
You now have three squares of your afghan - one in c1, and two in c2

Diagonal 3: (3 squares)

First Square: using c3, make as for first square of diagonal two.

Middle Square(s): Still using C3, pick up 20 stitches from the side of the first c2 square. Turn 
Row 1: SPW, knit 19 stitches, turn
Row 2: SPW, knit to last stitch. Knit the last stitch together with one stitch from the next square by slipping the first stitch, knitting the next and then passing the slipped stitch over the first (SSK)
Repeat first two rows 19 more times. 

Last Square: Still using C3, pick up 20 stitches from the side of the
next square. Continue as for Last square of Diagonal 2

For diagonals 4 - 9, continue is this manner, adding in middle square repeats as needed. Colour pattern is as follows:
Diagonal 4 (4 squares): c4
Diagonal 5 (5 squares): c1
Diagonal 6 (6 squares): c2
Diagonal 7 (7 squares): c3
Diagonal 8 (8 squares): c4
Diagonal 9 (9 squares): c1

Diagonal 10: 

At this stage the afghan has reached its widest and we start to decrease the number of squares in each diagonal. Place the 20 live stitches from the last square of diagonal 9  onto one of your knitpicks cable you are using as a stitchmarker. Using c2, pick up 20 stitches from the side of this square. Work as this as a middle square. 

Work a total of 8 Squares along this Diagonal. Put the remaining live stitches onto your other knitpicks cable you are using as a stitch holder. (You will have one cable running along two sides of your afghan - every second diagonal will have live stitches to add to this cable)

Work Diagonals 11 - 17 in the same way working one square less for each diagonal. Each time add the live stitches from the previous Diagonal to your cable stitch holders. The colour pattern for these diagonals are as follows:

Diagonal 11: c3 (7 squares)
Diagonal 12: c4 (6 squares)
Diagonal 13: c1 (5 Squares)
Diagonal 14: c2 (4 Squares)
Diagonal 15: c3 (3 Squares)
Diagonal 16: c4 (2 Squares)
Diagonal 17: c1 (1 Square)

Congratulations - you should now have a total of 81 squares, making a huge square afghan in need of a border!
Using c4 pick up or knit* 20 stitches along each square along one side (*where you have live stitches on your holder knit these up rather than picking up stitches). (180 stitches total)
[At the end of the edge wrap the yarn around the needle, pick up a stitch in the corner (mark this stitch), and wrap the yarn around the needle again. 

Repeat from [ to ] three more times. 

Row 2: Turn and knit to end.
Row 3: Turn, and knit to end - each time you reach a marker increase on stitch on either side by wrapping the yarn around the needle.
Row 4: Turn and knit to end.

Repeat the last two rows twice more with c4, three times more with c3, twice with c2.

Using C1 knit to end of row - each time you reach a marker increase on stitch on either side by wrapping the yarn around the needle.

Using c1 cast off loosely knitwise.

Finishing: Weave in all loose ends! You have just made an afghan with no seeming at all!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy 30 to The Man!

Yesterday The Man turned the big 3 - 0!

To celebrate this milestone, last Sunday a function room at a pub was booked, money put on the tab and guests catered for. The affair was a joint celebration - one of The Man's friends from his ahem innocent ahem childhood happens to be one day younger, so lots of people from were helping to celebrate. 

Joyously - a jukebox and projector was part of the deal. And in true 30th form, music from the last 3 decades were programmed into the jukebox. We discovered, after a few drinks, how truly dreadful our collective music taste can be! And how terrible some of the music videos were (but man - Jimmy Barnes was young once, Alice Cooper was always ugly and don't get me started on what is wrong with 'I like big butts'...)

We also discovered that Michael is a very entertaining guy. He plays basketball, cycles, runs through the snow naked, wears dresses and once had a girlfriend. No - this guy wasn't at our party. He had the 21st the night before and the photos were left on rotation at the end of the music videos. 

We kicked on into the city (narrowly missing the 2am lockout), had the end of the night Souvlaki at Stalagtites before calling it a night and departing from the rest of the gang to crawl back to our hotel booked by The Man with much foresight. 

Taking advantage of the public holiday monday, we slept in before venturing out to Gingerlee in East Brunswick for a little brunch with our fellow revelers from the previous evening. We topped up on enough coffee to get us back to Geelong before both the Man and I wrote off the rest of the day, bunkering down in either the bed or the sofa.

Yesterday he'd booked in a guys night when they all went out to feast on cow (steak) before realising it was his actual birthday, but to spend a little time with him I managed to abduct him from work to take him out to lunch in Highton. All in all, I think the Man had a great birthday.

Free Pattern: Elegant Drinking Scarf and Tassel Tutorial

This one was a special request for a male friend - a non-frilly scarf one could wear out on the town during Melbourne winter. Oh - but it needed a classic tassel fringe... 

May I present the Elegant Drinking Scarf...

Yarn: Naturally Me: Merino and Cashmere 8ply
50gram balls (102metres) x 4 (one ball used for tassels)

Needles: one pair 5mm needles.

Gauge: 20 stitches/10 cm (this is worked at a looser than recommended tension to create a looser, cushier fabric)

Directions: Cast on 28 stitches. 
knit 4 (purl 4, knit 4) 3 times
Repeat this row until scarf reaches desired length.

Finishing: Weave in all ends. Add a fringe of tassels - a photo tutorial of how to make a tassel fringe is available on my flickr account here

Throw your finished item around your neck, find a pub crawl, and get yourself ever so elegantly wasted...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Finito Vee-neck!

Details on Tha Rav - If you like let me know... I may write up a pattern...


Isn't it great when you find out your ahead of the mob? I have been wearing my Adult size february baby sweater almost constantly since I finished it last december... 

and now someone has written a pattern for an adult sized one it is popping up in ravelry queues everywhere... well, nyah nyah ne-nyah nyah... I did it first!

I am just wondering what Meg Swanson's response is to someone 'innovating' an existing EZ pattern as I got lots of grief from her when I was selling something similar to the BSJ because, apparently, Schoolhouse Press owns absolutely anything that may possibly be created from one of EZ's patterns and to do something like this would be a copyright infringement... quite interesting seeing as EZ herself was the queen of the knitting 'unvention' and came up for the pattern for the BSJ when trying to copy someone else design anyway... 

Friday, June 06, 2008


Having one of those black dog weeks where it all seems too much and I'm a bit down (and driving The Man up the wall)... If you know this sort of blue feeling, you could probably do with a bit of a cheering up. Pop on over to QuiltingMick and check out the clip at the bottom of this post - guaranteed to make you crack a wry smile, if you're not quite up to a full-blown chuckle...

Monday, June 02, 2008 May competition winner!

Congrats to Rosemary of Chiswick, NSW - winner of the May shoppers competition! 

Another month is upon us, and so there is a new competition - All shoppers in June will go into the draw to win a $10 Voucher.

Just a reminder that the Good Kharma Sale will continue throughout June - details on how to get a 10% discount and free shipping can be found by following the link in the sidebar.

As well as all the handcrafted goodies I am always talking about here, I also have a couple of great knitting books and some knitting accessories that may be worth checking out while the sale in on.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A perfect day...

Yesterday The Man and I went to Melbourne to drop in to both the Handknitters Guild Expo and the Spinners and Weavers Guild open day - 

I have to say I was very restrained... this is all I cam home with:

I  x skein of Collinette Jitterbug in Slate (I'll be using that to seam up a jacket in Point 5... and then make some anklets)
I x second hand book (pocket sized) on woven tapestry. This book will live in my handbag to show everyone who thinks that tapestry can only exist in it's needlepoint form... (And I think it will get me some bonus points if I add it in to my Tapestry portfolio when I hand it in... extra research and the like!)

The Man was very well behaved - while I made a beeline for yarn in the Brunswick town hall, he went hunting coffee (I sent him down to Moka GiGi - best coffee within a 10min class break) and he brought me back a cappuccino. 

A mere block from the Spinners and Weavers Guild we found one of our favourite restaurants, The Calabrian, so we had a late lunch al fresco enjoying the last of the Autumn sunshine.

We rounded out the day with dinner at Big Mouth in St Kilda with Sis and her new hubby (they eloped in Los Vegas), did some late shopping down the street and picked up some sweets at a patisserie to take back to sis's and enjoyed them with some espresso before The Man drove us back to Geelong... all in all, a perfect day!