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Saturday, June 14, 2008

We did it in public...

Knit... of course - what were you thinking? (Quite possibly that you did it too!)

Today, being world wide knit in public day (or wwkip for short) was celebrated in Geelong in style. The original plan was to knit outside at the Beach House cafe down on Eastern Beach, but the weather didn't want to run with that plan. Instead, we took over the inside of the cafe - taking up prime position next to the fire.

We took a while to sort out what we were going to do, so it was last minute that I posted it to the official kip website. We had a couple of new faces so it was worth doing.
A few people had left by the time I got the camera out, but the people I caught in attendance were (l-to-r above) the-other-Meg, who showed up in a great hat and scarf which immediately let us know she was a knitter, Gillian in her lovely colinette-tagliatelli cardigan, Kathy wearing a one-piece patons inca jacket, Gwet, who is working on a sideways-knit-blanket-top from a Rowan Book, Trish who is working on a beautiful blue shawl (detailed in a pic below), my Mum who I dragged along at the last minute, and one other lovely lady whose name I cannot remember for the life of me (can someone help me out??)

Below, the-other-Meg is counting her stitches...Trish is apparently famous enough that she hides from the paparazzi behind her knitting...

Gillian and Kathy proudly wearing their Finished Objects...
We all had fun - How bout you??


Clare said...

Oh DRAT! I wish I had been able to get there. I am glad you all had a great time.

I did my KIP in the delivery van as we sourced bits'n peices to finish new sheds.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday night at the Carrington. Minus the sprog.


Gillian (Leafygal) said...

The unknown non-knitter is my friend Elisabeth from Sydney.
She got inspired by some of the great pattern books and we may see more knitting in Sydney from now on!

Karin said...

I knitted nary a stitch! For shame. I really wanted to. But I did a lot of gardening...and got caught up with the knitting a bit today.

Looks like you had lots of fun!!