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Monday, October 13, 2008

CCCVIII - Want to own your own home during these tough economic times*?

Starting at just $80 (plus postage) I am certain some husbands would find this to be 5 star luxury...

This sturdy and weather durable wooden Dog Kennel with Balcony is double level for double the comfort!

Constructed from robust wood, this double story doggy home consists of two sections. There is the snug downstairs bedroom where your pet will be protected from all weather conditions. Then there is the upstairs open-air balcony with stair access!

Spoil your canine best-friend with this luxurious Dog Kennel with Balcony!

Dog Kennel with Balcony.
Double story doggy home.
Enclosed downstairs bedroom.
Upstairs open-air balcony with stair access.
Constructed from robust wood.
Sturdy and weather durable.
Dimensions: 57 x 50 x 65cm.

I particularly like the use of the term "bedroom". I guess enough families are replacing traditional breeding with furkids that the cubby house needed to be updated too.

I think that if we got this for Pierre he'd need a little doggie suit of armour (or chain mail) so he could complete guard duty on the upper turret...

*or, it's monday and I'm feeling silly...

Friday, October 10, 2008

CCCVII - switching it up..

Decided I needed a second sidebar - and while I was there I had a play with the 'boring' colourscheme, opting for something a little more high contrast.

I lost a couple of my widgets, so it may take a while to get things back to normal.

Anyway - let me know what you think of the changes...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

CCCVI - speaking of brain/thought/head problems...

A link for The Man -

Here is a great article by Terry Pratchett about his experience with early onset Alzheimer’s.

I particularly like this quote:

'When you have cancer you are a brave battler against
the disease, but when you have Alzheimer’s you are an
old fart'

And this picture:
My two cents - while there is nothing glamorous about illness and disease, dementia (and depression) do seem to be at the severely unfashionable end of the malady scale. I'm glad that one of my favouritest authors is forward enough to talk publicly about his own personal demons.

Oh, and one wonders whether there could be some new anthropomorphic personifications appearing in Discworld - Terry, feel free to introduce Aunty Dee to the rest of the world...

CCCV - A little less exhausted...

I think I may be getting back into the swing of this full time job thing. Today I actually had energy to go to the shops before coming home and collapsing on the couch :)

The new job is going well - the office is small and friendly, and very keen to help out an eager young upstart who wants to learn the ropes. I love the freedom of not being a uniform -but it does make for some hesitation in the morning while I am deciding what to wear (twice now I have driven into carpark just in time to see my train pullout of the station - luckily I have calculated a little leeway into the travel plans.)

Unfortunately my new life is having a bit of toll on the pupster - poor Pierre is at home for up to 12 hours without my company. He is rather hyperactive when I get home, and then switches to burr mode.

The Man and I knew that we needed to pay some extra attention to the furkid, so on lovely sunny Sunday we took him for a walk along the river. Wanting to give him a little extra freedom, we let him off the lead while we walked along the boardwalk. All fine and dandy until Pierre started bounding down the steps. At the rivers edge he stopped, sat, and stared into the perfectly still water, with algae and reeds sticking out... before leaping into the river...

Now might be a good time to tell you just how much papillons HATE water - the surest way to turn my adorable puppy into the mutt from hell is to turn close the door to the bathroom, turn on the tap and watch him panic! we are fairly certain that Pierre didn't realise that he was jumping into water, and not onto solid ground.

For what felt like forever, the pupster completely disappeared. When he finally popped up (doggy paddling for his little life) The Man was emptying his pockets getting ready to jump in after the pup, while I was laying stomach down on the deck trying to fish out Pierre (that bronze medallion training from high school finally paying off). The Man picked up on what I was trying to do, lay down next to me and had the extra length in his arms to actually lift the dog out of the drink.

The Man took a few photos of our glorified drowned rat with his phone, but due to a software and/or cable problem I can't share them with you.

However, the river dip did solve the green paws problem:)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

CCCIV - it ain't easy being green...

green feet pierre, originally uploaded by pierretheyarnsnob.

Pierre went for a run outside post lawn clipping.....his feet match his coat.

3 hours later his legs are still radio-active!

(yes - the photo sucks, but the pupster wouldn't sit still long enough for a better shot)

CCCIII - contest winners....



from Oz...

DiscoKnitter Lara...


from OS...


Thanks for everyone who left a comment to celebrate my 2nd blogiversary and 300th post!

Could the winners email me your address at so I can get your goodies out to you??

CCCII - Learning to live with the mother-in-law Aunty Dee*...

*I was going to name the post after the proverbial mother-in-law (the ultimate PITA**) but as I am quite fond of The Man's mother, thought I would name it Aunty Dee - the name I used to call my Happy Pills. (Anti - Depressants = Aunty Dee...geddit...?)

This is my new way to try and decided how to describe my Black Dog (which is now being effectively managed) - Learning to live with Aunty Dee...

Image your whole entire self as a house - everyone has a self that is a house. You may have a room or a cupboard you store your emotions in, a place for get the idea.

When you get depression, it is like an earthquake comes through your house. If you have ever seen houses that have survived that kind of a natural disaster, you know that sometimes, the house looks fine, but after a while structural damage causes it to fall apart (aka Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) - however, from the outside the house generally looks find. The problem in that inside the house, everything you own (your thoughts and ideas) are scattered all over the place. All your shelves and cupboards, and sometimes even the walls, are now rubble. Everything that is you is tangled up with everything else that is you and it is impossible to find anything. All of a sudden you don't recognise this place as being your house, just like when you get depression, you lose your sense of self - your whole personality changes.

Some people, when this sort of thing happens, need a lot of help to try and get the house looking normal again. This was the stage I was at when I was first prescribed anti-depressants. Taking anti-depressants is like a big, bellowing, bossy woman*** (who you are probably not related to, but still call Aunty) coming to live with you. Hence, Aunty Dee.

Now the problem with Aunty Dee is that she wants everything spick'n'span and tidy. With a Mary Poppins-like click of the fingers she has all your shelves and cupboards repaired. The very next thing Aunty Dee does is begin to put everything away. The trouble is, that Aunty Dee doesn't care where she puts things, just as long as they are out of sight.

The mistake lots of people with broken house and mental illness make here is that they get rid of Aunty Dee - which is a problem because usually as soon as Aunty Dee is gone you get aftershocks from that first earthquake and they completely destroy your house again. Quite often you need Aunty Dee back again.... (yes, I too made this mistake and stopped taking my happy pills too early...)

So back to Aunty Dee - The most frustrating problem I had with my Aunty Dee is that she stored my vocabulary in safes protected by little electric fences... I'd know there was a specific word I wanted to use in a specific context, but couldn't find it in any of the cupboards in my house. For a while I as talking quite a bit like Homer Simpson: "where's the metal thingy you use to dig stuff?" - because Aunty Dee didn't put the word spoon in the top drawer in the kitchen. In fact - spoon wasn't even IN the kitchen at all. Spoon was probably sitting out in the garage with the power tools... The problem was all of my words had been put in the wrong place. (And I am using my vocabulary as an example - Aunty Dee messes with different people in different ways, and often in more than one way.)

Now, sometimes, people find this very frustrating and kick Aunty Dee out. Sometimes, Aunty Dee is very annoying and sets booby traps around the house. Some people think it will be easier for them to clean up the mess without Aunty Dee. I wasn't one of those people. I needed that annoying big, bellowing, bossy woman throwing her weight around in order to try and sort out my own house. So I needed to learn how to live with Aunty Dee.

This usually takes time, and sometimes, a bit of outside help, like a counsellor, a psych, a padre, a very understanding friend or partner. Someone who will listen, and at times ask the hard questions you won't ask yourself. I was lucky that I had a few people to fill this role :)

But I was still having problems with my vocabulary... so I decided to start doing some crosswords and wordgames. I started going through all the cupboards hunting for the words I was looking for - and then I discovered how much fun cryptics were (anyone for some red cheese made backwards??). I think that doing this has allowed me to find where my vocabularly has been stored, but also rebuild a lot of other links in my brain... I am learning the new places where Aunty Dee put everything...

For the moment, Aunty Dee and I are living together rather harmoniously...

**a PITA is a pain in the a$$
***I may be using some stereotypes here. I am not trying to offend anyone. Some people may find that they end up living with an Uncle Dee, but for me, Aunty Dee is a very well-formed character....