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Monday, October 13, 2008

CCCVIII - Want to own your own home during these tough economic times*?

Starting at just $80 (plus postage) I am certain some husbands would find this to be 5 star luxury...

This sturdy and weather durable wooden Dog Kennel with Balcony is double level for double the comfort!

Constructed from robust wood, this double story doggy home consists of two sections. There is the snug downstairs bedroom where your pet will be protected from all weather conditions. Then there is the upstairs open-air balcony with stair access!

Spoil your canine best-friend with this luxurious Dog Kennel with Balcony!

Dog Kennel with Balcony.
Double story doggy home.
Enclosed downstairs bedroom.
Upstairs open-air balcony with stair access.
Constructed from robust wood.
Sturdy and weather durable.
Dimensions: 57 x 50 x 65cm.

I particularly like the use of the term "bedroom". I guess enough families are replacing traditional breeding with furkids that the cubby house needed to be updated too.

I think that if we got this for Pierre he'd need a little doggie suit of armour (or chain mail) so he could complete guard duty on the upper turret...

*or, it's monday and I'm feeling silly...


Lynne said...

Silly or not, you made me smile!

Laiane said...

That is without a doubt the fanciest dog kennel I've ever seen. :)

Beth said...

So funny, thanks for the laugh. All it needs is a slide for a quick descent!