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Monday, November 26, 2007

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow???

UP! stoopid...!

hehehe.... I think that was a poem from 'Far Out Brussels Sprout' (or perhaps 'All Right Vegemite'?) when I was in primary school. Anyone else remember those fantastic introductions to poetry, rhythm and rhyme???

Oops - slight digression there, before I even start...

A couple of the men in my life have been conspiring to give me a new hobby. One that gets me out of the house a little bit....

These are some tomato seedlings that my Pop gave me after one of his markets. (well... the seedlings have been in the ground for about a month now...)Having joked about my 'black thumb' (I have been rather unsuccessful with anything green - so much that The Man suggested I try a Bonsai Mountain aka a pet rock), Pop gave me half a dozen of these seedlings to have a go with and The Man, despite earlier commentary, has been encouraging me quite a bit too. And they have been amazing me - I didn't know that tomato plants had flowers (apparently the ones that don't get you unfriendly calls from the narcotics squad!) I am happy to report that as of this morning I have two teeny tiny green tomatoes on these plants.
And I got a nice pumpkin plant....
And Pop gave me some magic beans (well, okay, they are regular climbing beans - they didn't quite grow up to the clouds overnight, but they are popping up rather quickly)After this, I took advantage of a sale at kmart and came home with some mixed capsicums...

and eggplants (they aren't doing too well thou :() That's just a sample of my new green finery :) - The Man visited his Father (also a keen gardener) in Melbourne yesterday and came home with some more additions for the backyard - including a strawberry plant ... yum yum!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sweater Curse be Damned!

I have to say that I have the bestest boyfriend in the world... he has been keeping me entertained and looking after me (and pierre) quite well over the past couple of weeks... hence the main reason for not keeping up with the blog so well...

Not only does my man find my yarn and fibre stash amusing, he also has no quarms about me pulling out a WIP in public - even if we are having a casual drink in a pub. My Man also is happy to spend a saturday in the workshop to make me an andean plying tool so I stop cutting off the circulation to my fingers when I spin.

He is also a bit of knight in shining armour for me.... I was beginning to have some financial troubles (the job at the LYS fell through and my savings were running out) and he took sword and shield and went to do battle with centrelink for me (I had a claim rejected because of some paperwork/filing error) .

He cooks wonderful, simple food - like the most mouthwatering rissottos made from good fresh ingredients - and is beginning to fatten me up somewhat :) When you are having a bad day, this is the best sort of comfort food!

He also is encouraging me to stretch my comfort zone - the Man has taken Pierre and I to a 'bush block' out in the sticks past Colac, to play at dog beaches and to enjoy walking through the greenery at Daylesford. If he keeps this up, I'll become one of those 'outdoor' people with a camelback and a 4WD and *shudder* a TAN! Oh, and he is taking me to Thailand to spend a couple of weeks on a tropical island for the New Year. (P will have to stay home for that one :(

So... how do you thank a guy that great???

Given that I was having financial troubles, I couldn't go out and buy him a present...

if only I had some talent to show him how much I appreciate all he has done for me...

oh.. hang on... I can knit.. and he had been hinting about a nice woollen jumper...

....but what about the sweater curse....

damnit... !!!!!

I made it for him anyway, and worked on it in secret (rather difficult seeing as we spend near on every single second together) and he tells me he loves it :)

Anyway... I am trying to get back to more regular blogging. In the meantime, enjoy some piccies!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Fight the Black Dog #8 - November 07

Yes - I am approaching you hat in hand - if youare so inclined, please click on the dontate button in the side bar to help out with my internet related costs. I would like to raise enough funds to create a dedicated page for this cause.

Tale from another black dog knitter

Although I don't know you personally, after reading the story that came out today in Knitty I feel like we have much in common. I have suffered from depression since high school (for about the last 18 years or so) and know what it is like, and also know how hard it is to realize that you have to get help (being in total denial until after college). In my own experience, mental illness is one of those things that people sometimes think you can just "get over" -- I have been told that I was focusing too much on myself, I should just "stop thinking about things too much" and that I was selfish, while in fact I had a serious issue with depression and anxiety. It is a horrible thing to go through -- it takes your time and energy away from things you love, from your friends and family, and turns you into a different person that does not reflect all your true skills and talents. After 8 years on SSRIs, several attempts to get off the meds, and a couple of severe relapses, I am now medication-free and a lot happier. I want to wish you the best in your treatment and recovery, and would really like to thank you for being so open about this issue. Like you, I too have found that knitting has offered me a way to calm my mind, focus on something, and feel like I have the potential to create something beautiful and appreciated, even if I don't feel so good about things otherwise.