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Thursday, August 31, 2006

SSK - where are you?

I found the site for Sydney Sity Klickers and it says that they are meeting this saturday at the Bermuda cafe - but what time are you there? There is only so long you can sit in a cafe by yourself waiting for others to join you - I mean sooner or later all that coffee will make you bounce of the walls...

So its time to sew...

Finished the arms of my lace panel jet top, and now just need to do a little making up and finishing off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a cold snap this weekend so I get a chance to wear my new jumper!

Also - just had to share the view from my office with you. I was hanging out for the weekend, but when sights like this float through your day work becomes rather enjoyable (and yes, that is the view from my desk - jealous?)

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm in!

Check out the side bar - I signed up for International Scarf Exchange 3 and Sock Wars!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Practically OBESE!

After weeks of weighing in at a mere 1.2kg, Pierre finally tipped the scales at 1.4kg - see we do feed him! Must be all that pizza his Dad fed him on the weekend ;)

However, I must have had a Tuffers moment last night, I left his treats behind at Puppy pre-school. Oopsies! So I'll have to stop by the shops on the way home from work today to get some more, and perhaps a couple of chicken necks to make up for it...

Monday, August 28, 2006

does anyone know...?

...of a good book to help you design your own knitwear??? I have seen 'the sweater workshop' mentioned in a couple of blogs, but looking at amazon it appears to be more about knitting in the round. I'm not adverse to it (i kinda like it) but would like to have a few options up my sleeve :) Anyone have this / seen this and able to recommend it? Or seen any other books they could recommend? I'm a fan of browsing through books before I buy but there aren't alot of specialist books available here.

Here's Pierre crashed out on the couch. Puppy pre-school tonight - hope his star status continues :)

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

the bead and scrapbooking.. ahem... stitches and craft show

The stitches and craft show was very disapointing. I am very glad that due to a mix-up when we were parking we didn't pay to go in. I think you can count the amount of fibre and yarn stalls that were there on one hand, and one of those was very expensive, and the other ran by a very condescending lady that didn't deserve my business (even if she did have addi turbos circulars that I am dying to try) however, once the endless bead displayed finally ended, I stumbled across the Spin'n'knit display. Sue there was extremely helpful, and I left with some emerald green merino and some green blend merino and silk (left), some grey alpaca (centre) which she gave to me when I told her I was learning to spin, and some natural wool (right) and well as a gift of blue silk. The pretty stuff is motivation to learn to spin without kinks or knots, and the undyed wool to learn with.

Thanks very much to catsmum's suggestion I looked up a bit of information about my sewing machine on the singer site, and discovered that my machine was manufactured on the 28th January, 1929 in Clydebank, Scotland. On the site it mentions that you can get reproductions of the original manuals, but I can' t find a model number on my machine (I think it is too antique!), so I need to contact the company to find out if they can help me obtain one.

Here is Pierre chilling out after our 1.5 hour walk earlier today. We didn't cover that much ground because he likes to say 'hello' to everyone we pass, kiddies, grannies and doggies being his favourite. Today we met a playful golden retriever who nearly squished Pierre with his paw when mucking around.

For all you knitters, the couch is being protected from claws by a hand knitted, single bed sized, moss stitch blanket knitted in one piece. (yes, one piece.. cast on until you can fit any more on and knit till you run out of yarn) 10 ball of Panda Magnum was used. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006


As promised here are pictures of Josephine. I haven't yet sorted out a fastener for the front, but you can see how I am holding it together in the picture is where I want it to go. Posted by Picasa


I said I was warping and this is it. Dog blanket #2 in progress. You can't quite see it now, but it will eventually become tan, green and brown checks / tartan. I hope Pierre's cousin's enjoy it...

And speaking of Pierre here he is modelling dog blanket #1 - (the rattiness is due to him trying to kill said blanket). Doesn't the pup look all sweet and innocent there - you'd never think that earlier today he taught Tuffers and important lesson in why you don't feed puppies pizza after he chundered in the car...
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New Toy!

Today at our olde locale antique shoppe (Clapham's on Burn's Bay road for you player at home) I went along to pick up my singer table (minus machine) I had on layby there. Low and behold - they had this beauty there instead. (yes, next to the table is my spinning wheel purchased from the same shop two weeks ago)

The cast iron frame and treadle were in better condition and what do you think was hiding inside???

This gorgeous sewing machine. Tuffers*couldn't resist it either (he has given me a love of antiques, although mine tend to be more fibre-craft related than he would like.) The treadle has not seized up and the machine works well when you turn it by hand, so I am thinking that all it needs is a new drive band and a needle and I may have a working machine. Of course, Tuffers thinks I am insane to want to make an antique work, but I think it may be fun. Also, we need to get the veneer replaced on the table top, and once we do that it will look magnificent. And it was only yesterday I was wishing I had a sewing machine!
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Reason #378 to get a sewing machine!

How cool are these? Sock Monkeys...

Web-goddess has a tutorial and I am so wishing I had a sewing machine. Hope your reading this honey ;)

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Buggar - In addition to not uploading pictures blogger just ate my post.... so here we go again...


Even though we had a majorly crapola night at Trivia last night, we somehow managed to come first, winning a $50 voucher for the NthSydney Club. This will pay for dinner, drinks and a cheese platter for our team next week. Too bad the BF will miss out as he will be interstate for work.

On the way home from Trivia we decided to stop by the New Orleans Cafe in Crows Nest for some dessert and coffee (I had the sticky date pudd - yummy!). We were treated to some funky (and very loud) live music - was a great place, and I feel rather silly not having gone there before seeing as we pass it two times a day on the way to and from work.


A good friend of mine has somehow managed to stumble across 30 odd kilos of fleece.. yes, rub your eyes - 30 odd kgs. He called me up to say he had a bag of Top - which I have translated to mean it is washed and carded and ready for use - the only hitch - I won't be able to pick it up until the next time I drive down to Geelong... In October :( However, with that much practice I should be able to (literally) get the kinks out of my spinning. I also plan to try some rug tufting (and then I plan to train Pierre not to attack and kill said rug made from merino.... yeah right I hear you say)

WIPs and in the Q...

As we have nothing on tonight I will be warping up my loom ready to start my next project - another dog rug / blanket for my sister's puppies. This will essentially be more weaving practice (the dog's won't care if the tension is out a little) but will be a tad fancier than the one I made for Pierre as I will be attempting a check / tartan pattern.

I have also fallen in love with Dale of Norway Designs - how could anyone not after seeing Julie's gorgeous ladybug sweater. I am so inspired to jump on the fair-isle wagon :) I am rather annoyed that there is no stockist in Oz, so am considering putting a big order in thought YarnBarn for a Pattern book and some machine-ready wool. Never mind that already I have another Jet sweater, a 8-ply sweater, some cushions (to be woven) and lots of fibre to be spun already sitting in my stash.

Finally - does anyone know of any patterns for Weasley Jumpers that are out there? Or even just graphs for the initials? I know, I'm lazy, but what should I do the hard work if it someone else has already done it?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Fat Man!

Bit of trivia for you all - my Dad (aka the Fat Man) is now as old as the year he was born in (excluding the first two digits of course :)) If your really bored, I am sure you could figure it out. I am hoping that the 'card' I send express post makes it to him today... and that he gets home early enough to pick it up from the PO.

Pub Knitting

Knitting last night was fantastic -Working in a male dominated industry I love my nights out with the girls. The main topic of conversation was babies due to the fabulous LisaG making it home from the hospital yesterday with her instant family. I won't say anything more than that because it isn't my place to brag! However, the loverly Doris did have some piccies that we all 'oohed' and 'aahed' over.

I finished sewing the ends into my Josephine jacket / coat yesterday, however, even with the belt it still gapes a fair bit across the bust. I think I will make a small monkey's fist and a loop as a fastener just below the collar. (Monkey's Fist because it lends itself to my nautical nature and also because my Dad knows all about them :)) No pictures yet (camera is charging), but the yarn used is Patons inca in a grey, cream and light olive mix. Gorgeous yarn to knit with - and oh so quick on the 7mm needles :)

Not so king Kong

Due to the fact that the liver treats were no longer keeping Pierre entertained during our mad dash out the door to work ever morning we have tried something new. Last night before going bed we stuffed his kong with kibble and such with some teeny bits of smackos and liver treats sticking out the end and put it in the freezer. The verdict - one thoroughly entertained puppy this morning. The freezing means he is entertained longer and also is soothing for his red teething gums.

More friends were made at the post office last night - I make Pierre walk everywhere but because he is so small (he has been a steady 1.2kg for the past 3 weeks) and so friendly I don't leave him out the front of shops, but carry him in either on my shoulder or under my arm. The loverly lady who assisted us recognised him from a prior visit, and then everyone who went past our counter to the back room had to stop to give him a pat. He is such a sucker for affection! He even starts wining in the supermarket when we walk past people and they don't fawn all over him. Hmm... perhaps he is a tad too spoiled!

PS - sorry no pictures today, seem to be having some trouble with blogger... will try when I get home on my new wireless adsl connection that I managed to get working on my laptop last night.... (I'm not a technical type so I have to brag about it)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pierre the Yarn Snob...


I'm not Pierre... Pierre is my 14 week old papillon puppy that has an unhealthy fetish for my knitting (unhealthy because one day I may strangle him with it :) especially if he manages to tangle 4 balls of baby alpaca over 3 rooms again) - but the reason he is a yarn snob is he only tries to 'kill' knitting done in natural fibre - alpaca, wool, mohair, merino... acrylic does not have the same appeal (but that little plastic tube between circular needles is irresistible - go figure...)

However, he is the star of Puppy Pre-School. That dog will do just about anything for a piece of chicken. Last night we started to add 'Drop' to his exstensive bag of tricks (which includes 'sit', 'come', 'where's your ball' aka 'fetch' and 'do me a wiz' aka 'go potty') So really we are just getting started with the basics, but he learnt 'drop' faster than all the other puppies there (Yes - I am bragging like a proud mum!)

Current projects on the go - Lace panel sweater from the Patons 'Jet' book (up to sleeves) and finishing off my 'Joshephine' Jacket from knitty (I have already been wearing it for a couple of weeks, but really must sew all the loose ends in...) Will put pictures up tomorrow.

However, if you are interested in something funny, check out 'You Knit What?' - the stopped adding to it earlier this month, but there are still several hours of entertainment there :)