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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Buggar - In addition to not uploading pictures blogger just ate my post.... so here we go again...


Even though we had a majorly crapola night at Trivia last night, we somehow managed to come first, winning a $50 voucher for the NthSydney Club. This will pay for dinner, drinks and a cheese platter for our team next week. Too bad the BF will miss out as he will be interstate for work.

On the way home from Trivia we decided to stop by the New Orleans Cafe in Crows Nest for some dessert and coffee (I had the sticky date pudd - yummy!). We were treated to some funky (and very loud) live music - was a great place, and I feel rather silly not having gone there before seeing as we pass it two times a day on the way to and from work.


A good friend of mine has somehow managed to stumble across 30 odd kilos of fleece.. yes, rub your eyes - 30 odd kgs. He called me up to say he had a bag of Top - which I have translated to mean it is washed and carded and ready for use - the only hitch - I won't be able to pick it up until the next time I drive down to Geelong... In October :( However, with that much practice I should be able to (literally) get the kinks out of my spinning. I also plan to try some rug tufting (and then I plan to train Pierre not to attack and kill said rug made from merino.... yeah right I hear you say)

WIPs and in the Q...

As we have nothing on tonight I will be warping up my loom ready to start my next project - another dog rug / blanket for my sister's puppies. This will essentially be more weaving practice (the dog's won't care if the tension is out a little) but will be a tad fancier than the one I made for Pierre as I will be attempting a check / tartan pattern.

I have also fallen in love with Dale of Norway Designs - how could anyone not after seeing Julie's gorgeous ladybug sweater. I am so inspired to jump on the fair-isle wagon :) I am rather annoyed that there is no stockist in Oz, so am considering putting a big order in thought YarnBarn for a Pattern book and some machine-ready wool. Never mind that already I have another Jet sweater, a 8-ply sweater, some cushions (to be woven) and lots of fibre to be spun already sitting in my stash.

Finally - does anyone know of any patterns for Weasley Jumpers that are out there? Or even just graphs for the initials? I know, I'm lazy, but what should I do the hard work if it someone else has already done it?


catsmum said...

you'll find the jumper here