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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Fat Man!

Bit of trivia for you all - my Dad (aka the Fat Man) is now as old as the year he was born in (excluding the first two digits of course :)) If your really bored, I am sure you could figure it out. I am hoping that the 'card' I send express post makes it to him today... and that he gets home early enough to pick it up from the PO.

Pub Knitting

Knitting last night was fantastic -Working in a male dominated industry I love my nights out with the girls. The main topic of conversation was babies due to the fabulous LisaG making it home from the hospital yesterday with her instant family. I won't say anything more than that because it isn't my place to brag! However, the loverly Doris did have some piccies that we all 'oohed' and 'aahed' over.

I finished sewing the ends into my Josephine jacket / coat yesterday, however, even with the belt it still gapes a fair bit across the bust. I think I will make a small monkey's fist and a loop as a fastener just below the collar. (Monkey's Fist because it lends itself to my nautical nature and also because my Dad knows all about them :)) No pictures yet (camera is charging), but the yarn used is Patons inca in a grey, cream and light olive mix. Gorgeous yarn to knit with - and oh so quick on the 7mm needles :)

Not so king Kong

Due to the fact that the liver treats were no longer keeping Pierre entertained during our mad dash out the door to work ever morning we have tried something new. Last night before going bed we stuffed his kong with kibble and such with some teeny bits of smackos and liver treats sticking out the end and put it in the freezer. The verdict - one thoroughly entertained puppy this morning. The freezing means he is entertained longer and also is soothing for his red teething gums.

More friends were made at the post office last night - I make Pierre walk everywhere but because he is so small (he has been a steady 1.2kg for the past 3 weeks) and so friendly I don't leave him out the front of shops, but carry him in either on my shoulder or under my arm. The loverly lady who assisted us recognised him from a prior visit, and then everyone who went past our counter to the back room had to stop to give him a pat. He is such a sucker for affection! He even starts wining in the supermarket when we walk past people and they don't fawn all over him. Hmm... perhaps he is a tad too spoiled!

PS - sorry no pictures today, seem to be having some trouble with blogger... will try when I get home on my new wireless adsl connection that I managed to get working on my laptop last night.... (I'm not a technical type so I have to brag about it)


Corrie said...

oh he is seriously cute! sounds like he does the same thing a baby does - grab attention! I am forever meeting people at the mall who loooove keira!

thanks for letting us know on lisa's bubba's! I've been checking her blog to see - she will be busy!