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Sunday, August 27, 2006

the bead and scrapbooking.. ahem... stitches and craft show

The stitches and craft show was very disapointing. I am very glad that due to a mix-up when we were parking we didn't pay to go in. I think you can count the amount of fibre and yarn stalls that were there on one hand, and one of those was very expensive, and the other ran by a very condescending lady that didn't deserve my business (even if she did have addi turbos circulars that I am dying to try) however, once the endless bead displayed finally ended, I stumbled across the Spin'n'knit display. Sue there was extremely helpful, and I left with some emerald green merino and some green blend merino and silk (left), some grey alpaca (centre) which she gave to me when I told her I was learning to spin, and some natural wool (right) and well as a gift of blue silk. The pretty stuff is motivation to learn to spin without kinks or knots, and the undyed wool to learn with.

Thanks very much to catsmum's suggestion I looked up a bit of information about my sewing machine on the singer site, and discovered that my machine was manufactured on the 28th January, 1929 in Clydebank, Scotland. On the site it mentions that you can get reproductions of the original manuals, but I can' t find a model number on my machine (I think it is too antique!), so I need to contact the company to find out if they can help me obtain one.

Here is Pierre chilling out after our 1.5 hour walk earlier today. We didn't cover that much ground because he likes to say 'hello' to everyone we pass, kiddies, grannies and doggies being his favourite. Today we met a playful golden retriever who nearly squished Pierre with his paw when mucking around.

For all you knitters, the couch is being protected from claws by a hand knitted, single bed sized, moss stitch blanket knitted in one piece. (yes, one piece.. cast on until you can fit any more on and knit till you run out of yarn) 10 ball of Panda Magnum was used. Posted by Picasa


kris said...

Who was the condescending stall lady? Come on, spill! I need my weekly yarn industry goss. :)

At the Darling Harbour show, I got a bunch of Addi Turbos from Yarns Galore. I hope it wasn't her that pissed you off; she was relatively nice when we were there!

Pamela Lee said...

OMG! We used to live near the Singer factory in Clydebank, and used to drive past it all the time!

Mum actually bought a machine from them before we left Scotland (mid 1968), but unfortunately the wooden base didn't stand up well to all the travelling and storage it had to endure over the years and eventually disintegrated.