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Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Toy!

Today at our olde locale antique shoppe (Clapham's on Burn's Bay road for you player at home) I went along to pick up my singer table (minus machine) I had on layby there. Low and behold - they had this beauty there instead. (yes, next to the table is my spinning wheel purchased from the same shop two weeks ago)

The cast iron frame and treadle were in better condition and what do you think was hiding inside???

This gorgeous sewing machine. Tuffers*couldn't resist it either (he has given me a love of antiques, although mine tend to be more fibre-craft related than he would like.) The treadle has not seized up and the machine works well when you turn it by hand, so I am thinking that all it needs is a new drive band and a needle and I may have a working machine. Of course, Tuffers thinks I am insane to want to make an antique work, but I think it may be fun. Also, we need to get the veneer replaced on the table top, and once we do that it will look magnificent. And it was only yesterday I was wishing I had a sewing machine!
*The BF has requested I give him a more personable nickname on here Posted by Picasa


catsmum said...

She's a lovely machine... have you looked up the serial # on the singer site to find out when and where she was made? and tell BF to count himself lucky that you only have one:] I have several but even that doesn't compare to my eldest's Godfather who has about 200! ABout 50 of his machines live up here with me so I get to go and play with them ... lucky me!
and I think Josephine is just gorgeous . Have you decided how you are going to fasten her?