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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The *evails* of vaccines

Interesting post over at Mamamia today about childhood vaccines. I weighed in on the discussion (with the point of view that science proves nothing to those not wanting to believe in science) and almost immediately was insulted, so I retaliated in what I hope was a fair and educated manner. The discussion (so far) is below.


All well and good but unfortunately you’re preaching to the choir (so to speak – most people who respect science don’t have anything to to with preachers). A lot of people have problems with science and think it is a great big conspiracy. Creationism, anyone?

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    Busted ! ! !

    I was waiting for an atheist comment against Christians. This is an extension of the Yahoo (and other) group, who gets paid per post for hijacking vaccine safety discussions. Are you the same group paid to say global warming doesn’t exist?.

    My job is done.

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      Thread copy complete

      Thank you.

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      Actually – I wasn’t labelling anyone, such a shame you couldn’t extend me the same courtesy.

      I was merely stating that there are people who choose to put their faith in scientific fact, and that there are people who choose to disregard scientific fact when it is at odds with their faith. Whether that faith is in a higher power, the “evils of vaccines” or a literal interpretation of the bible that says the earth is only 6000 years old so dinosaurs must have shared the earth with Adam and Eve.

      I rather resent the implication that I am not a free thinking adult and am getting paid to put forth someone else’s opinion. I do find it rather amusing that you finished your comment with the line “My job is done” – are you being *paid* to insult anyone who does not agree with a “Vaccines are evil” agenda?