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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Isn't it great when you find out your ahead of the mob? I have been wearing my Adult size february baby sweater almost constantly since I finished it last december... 

and now someone has written a pattern for an adult sized one it is popping up in ravelry queues everywhere... well, nyah nyah ne-nyah nyah... I did it first!

I am just wondering what Meg Swanson's response is to someone 'innovating' an existing EZ pattern as I got lots of grief from her when I was selling something similar to the BSJ because, apparently, Schoolhouse Press owns absolutely anything that may possibly be created from one of EZ's patterns and to do something like this would be a copyright infringement... quite interesting seeing as EZ herself was the queen of the knitting 'unvention' and came up for the pattern for the BSJ when trying to copy someone else design anyway...