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Monday, February 25, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

Okay - so I am selling out a tad bit :)

I signed up with PayPerPost, where every so often I will earn money for 'sponsored' blog posts. Don't worry - I won't be turning into a sad cable channel, running informercials all the time - part of the understanding when you sign up is that you continue your normal blogging. In fact - I am hoping this will encourage me to blog a little more than I have been of late. 

The plan is to use half the funds I get from this to help out with bills and such (it takes a while to get used to centrelink after having a professional salary) and the other half will go into my 'Yarn Money Box' - which is only fair, as this blog really is all about the yarny-goodness... and yarn was the first item to disappear from my budget.

All sponsored posts will be fully disclosed - I won't try to pass off any paid advertisements (which is exactly what this is) as a normal blog post. Print media can't get away with it, and neither will I!

If you could also do with some extra pocket money, and keen for a similar opportunity check out PayPerPost.