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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm in photography class and this image came up - it was taken by Muybridge to settle a bet in the 19th Century.

I recently read about it in a book, and mentioned this in class. I actually admitted to finding out about it in "The Science of Discworld"... cue the nerd alarm!!!
However, I didn't feel too much of a nerd - the instructor is wearing a Dalek t-shirt!


Laiane said...

I enjoy finding evidence of nerdiness in others -- it helps me feel less alone! And less nerdy, too, I suppose.

mehitabel said...

I love Discworld. Don't know that I would want to live there... but it sure is a great place to visit! I just finished up reading Wintersmith. Now I guess I have to acquire the science book as well.

Katie Blake said...

But did you also know that Muybridge shot and killed his wife's lover?

Nerds unite..