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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Where's my cow??? Bugrit!

'That's not my cow - that's foul ol' Ron!'

If you are a discworld fan, and have read THUD! you would be rather familiar with these lines... one of the better habits I have adopted from the Man is a rather keen ambition to consume discworld novels at a crazy pace. When I discovered that Pratchett had written a discworld picture book, I went a-hunting it down.

Unfortunately - the local bookshop didn't have it,but could order it in... and it would take about a month...and would be rather expensive.... so I went a-hunting on the internet, and managed to surprise the Man with a random gift (he didn't know about the book at all!)

The Man is rather delighted with the book - particularly with the illustrations of Commander Vimes (One of the man's fav discowrld characters - the other is Lord Vetinari)

This is a delightful picture book, great for kids and a must have for any discworld fan. I recommend you chase it up!

And on other note - just to prove Pierre did survive the three weeks without me, a cute dog photo:


Kate said...

Ah, Discworld, my absolute favourite. I'm reading through all the Watch series at the moment - upto "The Truth". Your man will probably know it well. Fishpond had "My Cow" at a good price but you probably don't want to know that now, do you?

Jejune said...

Oh, well done! I'm very keen to get my hands on that book :) I really loved "Thud", thought it was one of his recent bests. "Small Gods" is one of my all-time faves.

I'm reading "Making Money" at the moment, very enjoyable :)

yberry said...

That's one of my 2 y/o's favorite books. She's been known to blurt out her own garbled version of "that's cutting me own throat" at free will...

Carol said...

Terry Pratchett rules!