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Monday, October 30, 2006


Not quite... but after watching the magic of a heel-turn, Tuffers requested some hand-knit socks.

Here is sock #1 - I frogged what I originally had knit for him (I'm not a big fan of rib on DPNs) and decided to do a toe-up jay-walker instead. The heel instructions I found online for the toe-up j-w ended up looking like a nose-warmer, so I had to invent my own heel turn for toe-up socks. I am happy with the result - you get a nice bit of shaping around the ankle that stops the sock from falling into your shoe, however, it does make it difficult to get the ankle over your heel. Tuffers says it the most comfortable sock he has worn - so I guess it isn't too much of a problem to put it on.

And as for second sock syndrome? I am half way for through (up to the gusset increases) on the other sock. I am knitting in 6ply on 3.75mm needles, so the knitting is fairly fast, and I love the way the self patterning yarn knits up in these cool zig-zags.

Anyway.. I must hang my head in shame. After years of bagging sock knitters for wasting time and money (a $20 skein yields one pair of socks) on something you can buy for 3 bucks at Target I am a converted sock knitter... Big apologies to any sock knitters out there I may have offended in the past. Posted by Picasa


Polly said...

Good for you hauling ass through the 2nd sock!