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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Sock-wars fallout...

The killer socks arrived in the post on friday, so I am officially out. Currently making its way to the USA is one (almost) completed Sock-of-Doom, a ball of yarn to make the other Sock-Of-Doom, and some sniper inspired candy to keep my assassin motivated while she zeroes in on victim #2
And these are my gorgeous new socks, already being put to good use. The yarn is really lucious - a extra fine merino / micro-fibre / cashmere blend - far too good to put into shoes!
And I also got another goodie - some cute little sock shaped point protectors. How cool is that.
And Tuffers was completely fascinated by the skill required to turn a heel and make a 3-D garment that he has requested I knit him a pair of socks as well. Here is the beginning - made from a funky On-Line self patterning yarn. Posted by Picasa


Liz said...

Thanks for the sock wars update! The first sock looks lovely - I'd say I can't wait to get them, but then again I do appreciate having a little extra time. I'm waiting to get materials for my second target, so I'm in a bit of a lull.

My address is
Liz Storer
192 Holland Street #2
Somerville, MA 02144

- Liz

PS - Pierre is adorable!

Pam Wheat said...

Hello - This is your
assassian ;)
I LOVED the candy bullets and love your
blog - My Hubby was upset that I didn't
take pics of the sock of doom -
now I have one with them on your
feet. (even better)

The Assassin