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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jamie's Kitchen in Melbourne

My Sis managed to get a booking at Fifteen, so we decided we'd go see what all the hype was...

The booking was for a late sitting - 8:45pm. The first impression was pretty good, there were windows directly into the kitchen and we could see one of the cheffos pouring his heart into making ravioli on the pasta machine.

We arrived on time, but were ushered to the bar where we sat for about half an hour (at least) waiting for the sitting before us to vacate our table. While we were waiting, staff bought out some crumbed, chilli stuffed, deep fried olives to placate us, and we had a chance to get a good look around...

First of all, not to sure about all the wiring hanging from the ceiling - could that be a fire hazard?? and secondly, see those uniforms? Black stocking with white dresses and grandpa slippers. I think the front of house / floor staff were supposed to have a 'just too cool' sort of look around them, but I think it was a bit of a miss. They just looked daggy. I know Fifteen is supposed to be all about the chefs, but when your paying a high price for a meal I think everyone should look professional, not just the cooks.

This is the main dining area (there is no-one seated there because we took pictures after our meal and we were the last to finish due to our late seating)- a pretty funky looking place - I am a bit fan of the herbs, firstly creating the half wall in the arches, but also growing in the fishbowls from the's a closer pic if you don't believe me!
when we were finally seated, we were all offered a complementary glass of bubbly (bottled especially for Jamie's restaurants from a vineyard in Italy) and although it was a set menu, we got a choice for a pasta and mains.

The food was really good - but to begin with came out really slowly. I was worried that the seven courses wouldn't fill me up. My favourites were the peach, rocket and proscuitto salad, the slow cooked gnocchi (oh so soft) and the margaret river beef with lentil (thou not such a fan of the horseradish sauce - was a bit too wasabi for my liking) The dissapointment was the 'tiramisu' for desert. It had rice in it instead of cake... what the???? I am annoyed that I ordered a (bitter, overextracted) cappuccino with the cheese plate instead of a hot chocolate - it was a real hot choc, came out in a bowl and everything!

The other dissapointment was the loos! I swear I have used public toilets in downtown Sydney that had more class than those! Two cubicles, all painted black with very little lighting. Not the sort of 'powder room' you expect when your paying $90 bucks for a feed....

So the big question - was it worth the $90??? with the free Bubbly and bar snacks thrown in, I felt like I wasn't ripped off. But otherwise, I would suggest going to the bar for a hot chocolate and skipping the meal. It's casual dining with 3hat (or 5star) prices. Posted by Picasa


Meg said...

Wow, you're the first person I've heard of who has dined at 15 - thanks for the review!
I just wanted to reassure you that the Sanos are my 3rd favourite AFL team, so you might be 1/3 my doppelganger after all! :)