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Monday, October 09, 2006

Momma and Poppa Tuff's visit

One of the good things about having such a great boyfriend is he is keen to spoil those he loves. This is particularly true when his parents fly across the country for a week's holiday - We get to play tourist and have a bit of fun ourselves.

Momma Tuff arrived a day or so before Poppa Tuff, so we had a quiet day or two before things ramped up.

We managed to do a luncheon harbour cruise (from Darling Harbour to the heads and back) with a fantastic seafood buffet, delicious fresh fruit, yummy cakes and a bit of local knowledge on the side.

The evening saw us trekking across to Fox Studios / the Entertainment quarter where these giant blue and yellow big tops were. Those of you familiar with recent pop icons would know that this means the circus is in town, and which circus? The circus of the sun, or in another language "Cirque du Soleil!"

Tuffers, keen for an excuse to see the show himself, bought tickets for us all. Having only seen DVDs and TV specials featuring this acrobatic theatre troupe, it was a dream come true to see them in the flesh. The costumes, the music, the performers, the singers - it was almost sensory overload.
Trying to cram more activity into the week we headed down to Canberra to spend a little time with Tuffer's sister, Lucy-Lou, and her family. Mostly, the time was spend doting on Dilby (L-L's son and the first Tuff Grand-child) and enjoying the mini-family reunion, but we did manage to get out an about to Floriade, Canberra's big bulb and tulip festival. Rather than put up my tacky pictures of flowers I am sure you can find some better photos if you do a google search.
However, a highlight of the day was this electric organ. With it pumping out happy tunes I felt like a 5 year old a birthday party. We requested a couple of songs (the muppet and monty-python themes). L-L and I both gave a gold coin to keep it travelling around the country (making us organ donors) and Poppa Tuff came home with a CD or two of music.

Momma and Poppa Tuff went home the next day - and hence we have had another week flash by Posted by Picasa