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Monday, October 30, 2006

International Scarf Exchange OR I'm a lucky girl :)

Look at the stash of goodies I got from my spoiler pal Sharyn (not to be confused with my spoilee Sharon :)

First of all, not one but TWO Scarves. The loverly shade of pink is knitted in bamboo, and feels so silky - I will use it to tszuj-up outfits on cool summer evenings, and the gorgeous aqua verigated/tweed is a wool/mohair/cashmere blend. It will a fantastic neck warmer when the weather gets cooler. Needless to say, I love them both.

Included were several other goodies:)

For me - yummy ginger candy, huckleberry chocolate and a mini halloween trick-or-treat stash, and a couple of funny postcards from duckboy, and a postcard that makes me and Tuffers both want to go skiing in Montana. (Neither of us are what you would call experienced skiiers, but we wish we were!)

Pierre also got a stash from Sharyn. I LOVE the handknit and felted bowl, which was then personalised for him with some needlefelting (I have heard of needle-felting but never seen it done, nor know how to do it - this makes me want to learn more!)
The treat bowl, came laden with treats, which Pierre (and Max) loved. Infact, it appears that Pierre is not only a yarn-snob, but also a felt-snob. He tried attacking the bowl, so it will live in the cupboard with his food and only come out at treat times so he doesn't completely destroy it :)

However, Pierre also gets a halloween treat - A squeaker jack-o-lantern that I will let him play with all the time :)

Now, sadly, I don't think Sharyn has a blog, however she has a business webpage. Jump over and check it out - However, I take no blame if you get a little clucky (some of the things there are soooo cute!)

On to the other Sharon... She is also blogless, but has posted on the scarf exchange blog that she recieved her gift from me. I have a couple of other goodies to send to her that didn't make the first mailing because I'm on vacation.
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sharyn said...

I hope you really like your scarves! And, Pierre looks very content with his treat bowl.

You'll have to try needlefelting. I only learned a few months ago, but it's really easy - it's like painting or drawing with small bits of roving, and a sharp, barbed needle. Good way to work your frustrations out, too.

If you and Tuffers really want to come skiing in Montana, let me know!