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Sunday, October 22, 2006

LYS review and a couple of knitting goodies :)

I have to mention this gorgeous LYS (local yarn store). Wild Purl in Point Lonsdale, Victoria. My sister and I went there for a SEX (stash enhancement excusion) and while I indulged in a little Opal Sockyarn (Which I think may be the funky rainforest tiger one), I found the books and mags there to die for!

First and foremost, I found MOKS! (Museum of Kitschy Stitches for you that are not Stitchy McYarnpants fans!)
I have not seen this anywhere else, so to find it in this little coastal store was amazing. It had to be added to my knitting library. The quick book review - Fantastic! My mum, my dad, my engineering friend Jerry and the Danish stranger staying at my parents all wanted to know what I was laughing at, stole the book off me when I showed them a picture and read it all before I had finished. I seem to be a bit fan of these blogger authors... now if Franklin would publish a Dolores book I'd be in heaven!
Sis and I also bought a couple of magazines as well. I grabbed the last two issues of Yarn Mag (which I love the written articles, even if the knitted articles aren't alway great - I think I may buy a subscription for my North American secret pal - any comments???) and Sis grabbed a great Debbie Bliss for beginners publication with some gorgeous projects. I think I may sneak back there before I return North to at least get some more opal...

Even though I spend all of my youth in Geelong, I only found out about this great store through a Sydney knitter, LisaG's, blog. The had some LisaG needles at the store, and I will be getting touch with LisaG when I return to Sydney to grab some needles for my secret pal. I may also grab a couple of her pretty scarf/shawl pins.
As well as the stuff from Wild Purl, I have indulged in a few other texiles related toys. I bought some decent dressmaking scissors, so I'll stop annoying Tuffers by stealling his kitchen snippers, and a knitting giftset my Sis and I found in Dymocks and are going to share. It is another 'learn to knit' book, with a few knitting tools, but what I love are the stitch index cards. I wan't a decent stitchonary with charts and written pattern, and this is the closest I have got so far. Missing from the picture is Stitch'n'Bitch Nation Which I aquired whilst in Canberra. Sis is borrowing it at the moment, but I found it to be a little better than the first Stitch'n'bitch, with several cool projects. I also love the sections from all the Stitch'n'bitch groups that have popped up. Posted by Picasa