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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Royal Geelong Show

Completely Coincidial, I managed to make it to the Annual Geelong show. (similar to a State fair in America - there are farm animals, homecrafts, tractor pulls, sideshows, rides... but no deep fried coke...yet)

And as you can see... most people have a sense of humour about it all (and yes, we did check out all 350 good looking birds, and a couple of cute chicks as well)

Unlike my adolescent years, I had no interest in the sideshows or rides, but was very keen to check out all the boring stuff my parents used to drag us around to see every year. The homecrafts, the animals, the guilds, the schools section, the dogs, etc etc. The reason the show exists...

There were several cool homecrafts, especially the quilts, which I would like to try sometime. But this cute red bear was my favourite knitted toy. He looks so docile and adorable. There were also several woven items I liked (that I can't quite do on my loom, but will keep in mind for when I upgrade!) and Mum was especially impressed with the mitred square blanket. I have to teach her how to make them before I go back to Sydney.
After we had finished in the homecrafts, my next must-see destination was the wool pavillion. There were lots of sheeps, and a couple of lambies, and a few spinners and weavers from the local guild. My camera was having conniptions while we were there, so unfortunately no piccies. Mum and I went back today, but the guild had departed, the sheep were replaced with miniture horses with the only one left being this cutie made from hand spun yarn.
We did find these gorgeous and elegant llama's hiding in one corner of the wool pavillion. Their eyes look so intelligent - who could resist a face like that? However, if Tuffers won't let me have a couple of sheepies or alpacas I have buckley's of owning a llama. Ah well, I can dream... Posted by Picasa