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Sunday, October 22, 2006

ISE home and hosed

I finally made it to the post offfice with my ISE3 package. It ended up being held up a few days so my sis and I could compare our work on both our scarfs. This is the finished package I send, the scarf with some ball band (all knitted in loverly super-soft merino) and a couple of kitschy keyrings. One is a toy camera which shows scenes of Australian cities and 'cough' culture through a view-finder, and the other has our old, old monetary notes printed on it in minature form. I thought, seeing as I was posting to America where all the money is green, they might enjoy this 'monopoly' money. My favourite thing about it is that each plastic 'note' has SPECIMEN printed on it in bright red. The thought that someone might mistake this for real money. Now, even if Aussie Post is really slack, I think my pal will still recieve it all before the end of October. Posted by Picasa


Sharon said...

Blogger is playing games this morning, but I still have hopes of posting my picture and my many, many thanks! The scarf is gorgeous! The "money" is interesting...yes, ours was all green, but the gov. is trying some colors (to make it harder for counterfeiters, I think). Anyway, it is a bit more interesting now!
Thank you for such a lovely gift!