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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Desex your loved ones before it's too late..

well I think we got in with plenty of time with our little adorable thing, but I'm not sure he is entirely happy with the procedure. Mainly because he has these sutures (stitches) he isn't allowed to lick.

So the poor boy, not only does he have a shaved bum, but to stop him from attacking the fishing line holding the place together where his 'peas' came out, he gets to where a plastic cone on his head.

Now having a lampshade-head may be quite cute when your a pixar animation, but when your a one and a half kilo (still no weight gain) puppy, it looks a little...


We (Tuffers and I) both feel a little sorry for the tyke, but I gave him a quick reprieve today and before I could turn around he was licking his would and it had started to bleed. So I got to fight the beast to get the cone back on his head (his teeth are still quite sharp!)

The cone will now stay on until the stitches come out.

I'm such a mean mummy... Posted by Picasa


Lara said...

You are so NOT mean mummy! Pierre will be happier in the long run, and I'm sure he will feel much better soon. Good on you both for caring enough to take the brave decisions.

BTW - when is the next North Sydney meet up - couldn't make it to the last one, but would love to come along!

Ginger_nut said...

next pub-knitting night is the 24th of October - I won't be there, but there is a full list of dates til the end of the year on