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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Le Road Trip...

My oh my – The past week has been both busy and laidback… A bit of a contradiction, I know, but I am on leave, and cramming much in, yet doing it all in my own time. Making one of my semi-annual pilgrimages upriver (well, it’s south of Sydney, but I am referring to a return to my parents house and where I was born – no spawning involved!) to Geelong, I had Pierre join me for his first big road trip. The first leg was relatively easy – we made it to Canberra in easy time and spent a couple of days hanging out with (almost) SIL LucyLou and her family.

Pierre relished the idea of hanging out with Big Dog Brindi. If anyone remembers the old Warner Bros Cartoons of Chester and Buster, P and B were a re-enactment of that. Pierre was practically bounding around Brindi the whole time, and occasionally you could imagine Brindi dishing out a backhander with a “aww, shuddup” which Pierre would immediately start bounding again with a “Bwindi’s my friend cos she’s so big and stwong!

Pierre also learnt the convenience of the doggie-door. You may think no big deal, but the doggie-door is higher than Pierre is tall. His skill at clawing his way through (truly he did claw) became apparent after I took him outside for a loo break at 5am. Pierre decided he didn’t want to sit outside in the cold Canberra pre-dawn, and wiggled through the door. After a few surprised exclamations, I found he had found a nice warm place in LucyLou and her hubby’s room… The bed. Nothing like frozen paws to wake and startle you out of your dreams. Needless to say, the next night they slept with the door closed so a repeat would not occur.

LucyLou took advantage of my visit to use me as a free baby-sitter for Dilby while she indulged in a little personal grooming at the salon. While she was primped and preened by a stylist, Dilby and I tried to create a little havoc in the nearby Westfield. We danced to the car stereos in JB HiFi, scared the guinea pigs in Pets Paradise, and narrowly avoided drooling on a shelf of hardbacks in Dymocks. I found Stitch’n’Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller in the bookstore, and just had to buy it. I also ended up buying a plastic pink breast cancer awareness bracelet for Dilby - to distract him from said hardbacks. I figured he’s a bit of a boob man (he was breast-fed) and therefore had every right to support the cause. I was, however, quite grateful when LL finished her hair-cut and was able to play Mum again as Dilby was getting rather grumpy.

As far as craft was concerned – I used LucyLou’s (ever so slightly more modern than mine) sewing machine to wrestle with a Grizzly… What’s a Grizzly you ask, well it is about twice the size of a Malamute, silky smooth, chocolate brown and a special request from Tuffers. I will post a picture of the finished article tomorrow.

Pierre and I departed Canberra (after two days and nights of chaos) to continue our trip to Geelong. We made a couple of stops along the way, and one of the stops not made at a servo was in Tarcutta. We pulled up at a rest area on the main road, right in front of a local craft shop. I found this gorgeous hand painted wool that will become some toe-up jaywalkers. I completely understand the harlot when she says knitters have an innate ability to find yarn, even when in a completely foreign community. Posted by Picasa