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Thursday, December 07, 2006

a touch of whimsy...

following on from yesterday's post in regards to charts not being published in magazines, I sent the following yarn harlot inspired letter to vogue today...

Dear Vogue Knitting,

I absolutely adore the patterns in your current (holiday) publications. Especially the asymmetrical / fair isle sleeve / eastern inspired sweater on page 21. However, I am incredibly disappointed that the charts for this design are not included in the magazine. I find it rather inconvenient that I require access to the internet in order to download part of a pattern I have already paid for by purchasing your publication. Furthermore, I find it incredibly short sighted that this chart is constructed in full colour, as I do not have a colour printer at my immediate disposal, and in greyscale the chart becomes rather murky and difficult to read. There also appears to be some problem with the chart for the sleeve - every time I try to open the PDF file, I get an error message from adobe, and it causes my web browser to crash.

In order for me to make this lovely garment could you please mail me a full-colour hard copy of the chart for the front and the sleeve and to the address listed above?

I have recently paid upfront for a full international subscription, and am in need of some assurance that you will endeavour to help your subscribers to create the wonderful patterns they purchase the right to make when they buy your magazine.

Yours Faithfully

I received the following automated reply -

Thank you for your message.

Due to the overwhelming volume of mail we receive, we cannot answer every comment. We do value your input!

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything else back...

However - I did get my new YARN mag today :) How yummy is the yarn ice-cream cover :)

Again they have come up with the goods - a great interviewee, patterns that use cotton, and a great article on different types of pockets. Kudos to yarn for continuing to teach knitters more than 'this is a knit / purl stitch'.

I also love that people I know are getting street cred as designers. (Celia had patterns published in an earlier edition) And congrats to M-H's for her first published pattern. I love that cotton sweater!

I wish I could go to the mag-nation knit-in, alas - I'll be getting to Melbourne a week too late. I'll have to send sis instead

And speaking of sis - she and Nico have arrived home from their "extreme holiday" in New Zealand, and she has finally updated her blog - since about October.