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Saturday, December 30, 2006

kniterature review - Knit 2 Together

As promised, here is the kniterature review of Tracy Ullman and Mel Clarks joint ventre.

Although I did rant about about knitting books with 'learn to knit' (hereafter referred to as LTK) sections, this one slipped through because that horrid section is way up the back of the book. I would have preferred an extra pattern or two, but I settled for not having the idiot section right in my face at the first page.
The book contains a couple of short knitting anecdotes throughout, but is really much more of a pattern book.

Most of the patterns are delightful - I especially like the Ponsonby Suit (shown left) which uses a technique called "binding stitches" which I had not heard of before. The jacket is definately on the to-do list, and once I see how the fabric looks I will decide about the skirt. (I am extremely dubious about knitted skirts, I am convinced they will all stretch out of shape!).
This herringbone doctor's bag has also been a favourite from everyone I have shown the book too.

I really like this book because, even though it has the horrid LTK section, it does not assume that you are beginner and the patterns are not all 'easy' nor 'quick'. There is a gorgeous stranded colour work vest, and a loverly lace shrug that would stretch a beginners skills.

However, like all publications, not everything appeals to me.

This apron (shown left) knitted in a kid mohair blend boggles the mind, as do knitted photo frames, knitted ties, and the patterns for knitted pants (Not only do I fear these stretching out of shape, I also have nightmares about crotches dragging below my knees), but some of the quirky patterns appeal to me (such as the toe-less novella socks) so I would assume that someone somewhere will appreciate the kitsch in these items.

I would much recommend this book if you are looking for something a little different. I like to think of myself as somewhat an artisan, and I like it, whilst my sister thinks herself more of a beginner, and after browsing mine is planning to purchase her own copy of the book (rather than just steal the pattern or two she likes out of mine!) Posted by Picasa