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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

christmas socking....

No, that is not a typo - this post really is about xmas sock(ing)s.

When I made Tuffer's socks, my Dad tried them on and said they would be nice to have in pink.

Needless to say, a whole bunch of secret knitting later, and these appeared on the mantle sometime during the night when the fat man in the red suit was due to call....

And a close up so you can see details... Yes, they are the Jaywalkers, modified to be knitted toe-up with a short row heel. The Yarn is ONline 6ply fantasie from Rubi and Lana, knitted on 3.75mm DPNs.

These were stuffed with a couple of candy bars before they were hung up. The verdict? Dad luffs them.
Of course, they weren't the only secret socks I have been knitting. Tuffers wasn't wearing his funky blue Jaywalkers out of the house, and after alot of excuses, he admitted that they weren't very 'manly' colours. A quick visit to yarns galore, a paypal payment and one express parcel later I started on these.

These are Wendy's generic toe up socks, knit in ONline super socks 4ply sunset colours #833 on 2.75mm needles.

It's a good thing that Tuffers likes his socks to be on the short side, because it means I can get a pair out of one 100gm ball.

There is another pair recently completed in a different colourway, one sock on the needles almost finished and wanting a mate, and a ball of yarn that only arrived last week. It appears that Tuffers will not be in want of socks for some time.

On a side note, Tuffers asked me how much each sock will cost if I was paid minimum wage per hour. He was floored when I told him $400... a sock... Apparently this is the most expensive gift anyone has ever given him, and he appreciates the effort. Of course, if you look at it the other way, an approx $20 skein of yarn can yield up to 40 hours of knitting for me, so it can be the most inexpensive form of entertainment for me.

And finally, an actual Stocking.

This was made by Lucy-lou and has all sorts of goodies stuffed into it - both beef and chicken smackos, gourmet dog biscuits, mini t-bone treats and a squeakie ball. It appears that Pierre was a good boy this year :) Posted by Picasa