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Friday, December 01, 2006

Kniterature - Wendy knits

So I may have missed the knitting calendar at Borders the other day, but when I checked out the craft section (which is a complete dog's breakfast - the shelf labelled 'knitting' had few books of that topic, they were spread all the way from 'interior design' to 'antiques and collectables'. A librarian would have an aneurism!) I found this little gem.

Wendy would have to have one of the best knitting blogs on the internet (if you haven't seen it go check it out). I think she has, on average, one FO per week. And I'm not just talking socks, or even pairs of socks. Wendy completes intricate fair-isle and fingering weight aran sweaters with an effortless breeze. She is rather inspirational and makes you wish you could knit while sleeping, eating, and showering so you can keep up with her speed. So when I saw her book wedged between *shudder* scrapbooking techniques and the quilters stitch bible I knew I would be adding to my kniterature stash.

The book is mainly a knitting memoir - Wendy's personal knitting journey. There are patterns spaced out within the text, and the patterns begin with the simplist beginner projects and build up in difficulty to projects such as a steeked fair-isle sweater. There is no annoying "how to knit" lesson, and the garments are shown on everyday people (I guess Wendy and her friends). It more detailed the yarn harlot's Knitting Rules and Yarn Harlot, and has the great knit-biography of Stitch'n'bitch without the 'try-hard' feel or the too-cool photos. As a memoir, I knit it from cover to cover. As a pattern-book? Well, I will definately give the generic toe-up socks a go, and I like a couple of the tops with lace edging.

And why am I so keen to buy the books of knit bloggers when most the content could possibly be found on the website?

1 - because I like the way they write (obviously, or else I would visit their blog anymore)
2 - the books have been edited, and therefore are a little more refined and flow better than a blog that sometimes is just thrown together so you can get a post out (admit it, we have all done it)
3 - who wants to curl up in bed with a cuppa and their computer? Give me a good book anyday!
and finally..
3 - the books are written by knitters. They have patterns that they know will work (most designers' have awful ways to complete a project - they tend to work in flat fabric, not shaped knitting) . They understand the buzz words and the lingo (most writers wouldn't know the difference between 'ripping' and 'tinking'). And finally - these people enterain and inspire me to try new things with my knitting. I think they deserve a little success for that.

So go out and treat yourself to this book (if you're on the border's email list they have 30% off vouchers this week - so really, you'll be saving rather than spending money!) Posted by Picasa


Kate said...

I went out and ordered my copy today - and the S'n'B calender as well! (Amazon though) I didn't have the Borders vouchers but I joined up while I was thee checking the books out. - Thanks for the tip