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Sunday, December 31, 2006

proof somebody reads this blog...

Remember when I posted about calendars?

Well, it turns out that Lucy-lou was paying attention because when we did out mini-(early)-xmas when I was in Canberra last week, I got to open this:-

L-L mentioned that she would love to hang this calendar in her house, but it has a couple of naughty words in it not suitable for Dilby... or perhaps Grandmothers ;)

It turns out that while I live a little vicariously at her house with her doing the 'mum' thing, she lives a little vicariuosly at my house doing the no-kids thing.

My Mum, an avid cross-stitcher thought this was a hoot...

Oh yeah, and my (little/younger) big tough brother likes the calendar too. I may have to buy my Mum the books so she can make a "boo f@$!#ing hoo" sampler for him to hang just inside his front door (when you're a 21 yo male with a chip on your shoulder I believe you can get away with such cheek ;)

And while I am following up on previous posts -

The charts from Vogue knitting arrived a few weeks ago, silly me didn't blog it though.

Looking at these charts I am certain that if they shrunk down the front panel chart and had a creative lay-out editor they could have fit both charts on one A4 page in the mag. But then, I guess they might have cut out the cool article on knitting in the Potter-verse..

And speaking of Harry Potter, I finished the super-funkified-reversible-double-knit-weasley-sweater aka Dilby's xmas present this morning. No FO pics just yet (I am waiting to 'un-veil' it when I get back up to L-L's later this week), but in the background of this WIP shot of Brenda's socks you can see the garish orange flair that is the sweater under flash photography.

Yes, I finished the heel on Brenda's socks today too (it was a productive morning). My cables-sans-cable-needle are improving quite a bit, and I may even have the technique down pat by the time I finish the second sock :)

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