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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sock and bunny crazy

So with all that sock yarn I have been purchasing lately, am I knitting any socks???


(disclaimer: the first part of this post may look like it was posted by the yarn harlot)

(from left to right - all these socks are knit on 2.75mm needles)

1. Jaywalkers knit from handpainted yarn I stumbled across in Tarcutta during my last roadtrip (more on the Tarcutta craft shop with the next pic!). As previously mentioned, these remind me of a rainbow paddle pop, except for the "I survived Lord Voldemort" colourpooling mid calf.

2. Tuffers' second pair of xmas socks, knitted from WGTUP (Wendy's generic toe up pattern) in ONline supersock highland colours purchased at yarns galore.

3. RPM in the Knittery's Merino 4ply sock in "Wonder" colourway. These socks are incredibly thin (almost like stockings) and stretchy. They feel really delicate to knit. The pattern has been altered to be completed toe-up, short row heel, and with a mutliple of 9 minus 1 stitches so the spirals are all equal.

4. Tuffers' xmas socks #3 in Opal petticoat, once again WGTUP, but with a 3x3 rib ankle. These should be complete by the time I get back to Sydney.

5. (finally, eh!) Brenda's Pembrokeshire pathways socks in the Knittery's merino cashmere sock in "Waterlillies" colourway. This pattern is beautiful, easy to remember the repeats, but not "mindless knitting". These won't be going anywhere in the handbag or reserved for car knitting - instead, I am trying to do a couple of row repeats a day because the cables are annoying me. Luff knitting with yarn, however! It makes a nice soft yet dense fabric. Very cushy - can't wait to walk on it :)

And speaking of stumbling onto yarn in Tarcutta.... I made another pitstop there on xmas eve, and was very happy to find the craft shop open again. The yarn had been restocked, and I had difficulty not picking the baskets to take it all with me :)

I got two skeins of handdyed angora and one skein of a yummy green handspun merino/silk. The colour variations show up much nicer in the skeins, but I got so excited with the new toys and they were all balled up before I got the camera out... The one on the right is spring / summer colours, not quite as bright as it appears here, and the other is a stormy seas colour palate. I'm thinking a nice little hat with brim for the latter. The handspun will become a nice lace scarf/ mini-shawl (it's approx fingering weight.)

By-the-way, the handpainted yarns are labelled "Annie Gregg Designs" - I googled it and came up naught, so it must be a local fibre-artist. I think I may do a little investigating on a future trip to Tarcutta because these yarns are gorgeous. If you know anything about "Annie Gregg Designs" let me know :)

And onto bunnies...
One of my best friends has gotten three new six week old gals - one tan, one brown and one black, names Faith, Hope and Grace (no, I don't know which is which, but the names are oh so cute!) Pierre is completely fascinated by the bunnies, and likewise, they are fascinated by him. Last night he was running around the outside of the hutch and the gals were following him around on the inside of the hutch - completely fearless!
Here is P trying to get a closer look at these fluffy creatures that are actually smaller than him. He can pull off strange stunts when he is curious. (Those who are wondering, the Australian cattle dog in the background is Sam - he is interested in both bunnies and teeny tiny dogs) Posted by Picasa


Donna said...

Beautiful socks, gorgeous yarn, but I really love that bunny!

Lara said...

A word of warning - take them to a bunny savvy vet to make sure they are both girls. Bunnies are notoriously difficult to sex, and I frequently hear about unexpected litters from situations like this. Secondly, six weeks is pretty young to be away from mum, so watch them carefully for signs of digestive upset. I'd be keeping them inside, at least for a few weeks.

Once they reach puberty, it is common for bunnies that were best friends to turn on each other - this is a sign that it's time for them to be desexed. Once they are desexed, and recovered, they can be re-bonded.

And lastly, if you want a great gift idea (or tell her to get it herself) grab the House Rabbit Handbook (Borders usually has it), and bookmark, and