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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ned the knitter...

Just got back from knitting at Rubi and Lana and was surprized that we had a little celebrity within the group today.

A gentleman entered the store and introduced himself as David. This was followed with a barrage of questions such as "Blue mountain David?", "Sticks-and-string David?" and "Podcast David?". Thou none of us had met David before, we knew him from the cameos he has been making in the blog-o-sphere recently.

And why is David so famous (or, perhaps infamous)? Because he happens to have a really unique podcast at sticks and string - by an Australian Bloke who knits. The show is updated every saturday, so get thee along and listen.

Because I finally met David (who has become a regular at SSK) I decided to pass on this clip I found at youtube

hope you enjoy, cos I did...


Polly said...

My husband knows how to knit (learned in school) but doesnt like to admit it. I think he's afraid that I'll plan a vacation around LYSs with the argument HEY YOU SHOULD APPRECIATE THIS! or why don't you knit me something??