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Friday, December 08, 2006

ugh - white!

I read an article recently about how Victorian brides wore white, not to show purity, but to show how wealthy they were that they could afford a dress that they would only wear once (after all, it was white, it got filthy, they couldn't clean it, and no-one would be caught dead in a dirty dress)

It got me thinking...

For the past four years, I have had a job where I have had to wear a white uniform for 6 months of the year.

Stark white.

Blinding white.

White, from the tip of my hat all the way down to my shiny shoes.

White pants, white shirt, white shorts, white skirt, white socks.

Of course, nothing attracts filth better than white. A pen placed in your pocket will always leak. A passing summer storm will leave muddy spots around the hem of your trousers. A small scratch on your finger will always bleed on your shirt.

The napisan challenge happens on a regular basis in our house.

Of course, every day I have dressed completely in white, I have dreaded spilling my morning coffee all over my clothes. And this morning - two weeks to the day that I walk out of this job and never wear that uniform again - I decided to try wearing my daily caffeine dose. And oh yeah, it was a full-to-the-brim coffee.

White is a very unfriendly colour - unfortunately, I can put my uniform away and never wear it again. I started thinking about brew-friendly uniforms, and I think that's why the army wear fatigues. Not to hide in the bush - to hide their clumsy coffee stains.

My whiter-than-white uniform became a 'hang-over friendly' beige in desperate need of a napisan bath. And this happened 15 minutes into my day no less.

I blame my clumsiness on not yet having drunk my first coffee of the day.