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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

happy happy joy joy!

When Tuffers asked what I wanted for Christmas, I didn't take any chances - I sent him an email with a couple of specifics on it, including a webpage, a phone# and retail hours...

What I really, really wanted was...

A gorgeous wooden umbrella swift (skein holder) and a ball winder. These can be rather tricky to find, so based on a recomendation from David, I sent Tuffers out to Petlin's, where I hear they looked after him rather well.

Can you see the pile of nice neat centre-pull balls behind the winder? Man I love this toy. Of course, Tuffers, being an engineer, is already drawing up plans to motorise the ball winder :)

And in case you are wondering, the skein on the swift is the Knittery's Merino Cashmere sock in Choc Mint. (and a big hug to Tuffers for taking the photo)

And in other news, did you see this cute google storyline? Look even closer, and you will notice that that is a male (or perhaps a lesbian?) kangaroo knitting. Do you think this is google's attempt to subvert the ideology of knitting (or family?) Posted by Picasa