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Saturday, December 30, 2006

a special xmas present...

Sometimes it can be difficult for girls and their Dad's to communicate - I know this, because when I was 16, I spent a year in Portland, Oregon as an exchange student and the longest converstation I had with my Dad went something like this:-

Ring, Ring (That's the telephone incase you don't get it!)
Dad: Hello?
Me: Hi Dad, how are you?
Dad: Good, I'll just get your Mother... (pause)
Mum: Hi honey!

Fortunately, this is something that we both have been working really hard at fixing in the past 9 years or so. When I first got my licence, my Dad worked on an old Peugeot 504 for me to drive around (this car affectionately known as The Bomber). When I came home from college on the weekends if Iwanted to talk to Dad I would start by asking him anything about this car. This was the first of many 'special' topics my Dad and I now talk about.

When I started my blog, my Dad took great interest in it - infact, I think he is my most loyal fan :) When I call home now, it doesn't matter if Mum is home or not, because Dad and I have plenty to talk about because he knows what is going on in my life.

Sometimes, like when I got my Singer, I call home specifically to tell Dad about it. Because my Dad has an interest in antique machinery, and I luff my singer, this very quickly became one of those 'special' topics for me and Dad, as evidenced by this post.

So when I opened up a present from my Parents on xmas day, I knew my Dad had a bit of input into it...

See - just like my Singer, with one small difference
As you can see - I included Pierre for scale. This is actually a cute little box of sewing accessories that my Dad found in Spotlight a couple of months ago. Apparently he didn't buy it right away because he wasn't sure I would like it, but after he showed Mum it was a big goer!

And he luffed my reaction on xmas day when I opened it.... How funky is it! When I get back to Sydney I'll take a pic of it next to my big Singer. Posted by Picasa


Kate said...

I Love that little mini Singer! What a thoughtful Dad you have.
Spotlight is a not an easy store to find things in though so I'll have to go search ASAP.