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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SP9 update

I recieved my first Secret Pal package - and it looked like it was sent by the Weasley's! (I would put a picture up, but my camera has decided not to play the game... anyone know a good camera repairer)

The box was completely covered with stamps!

The entire postage between the USA and here paid in local stamps! I will pass them all onto my mum who is a bit of a collector. There was also a bit quarantine sticker on the outside, and a bunch of paperwork inside. The treats for Pierre,were apparently of a dangerous nature....

However, the gorgeous mint green silk blend wool, the yummy cashew snacks and the green tea muffin mix all made it through. I have some other treats for Pierre - but it is a bit of a shame.

However, now I know that my pal is in the US, I will make a teeny-tiny request... I have about 15kg of top waiting to be spun.. it is currently all a bland white. I would like to try some kool-aid dying (hint - hint)

Just because a photoless post is a boring post, here is a pic of P as a scruffy puppy, taken by my dad a few months ago when my parents where visiting. Isn't my boy such a poser!

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