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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the instructions...

1. Write a post linking to this one in which you explain the experiment. (All blogs count, be they TypePad, Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, &c.)

2. Ask your readers to do the same. Beg them. Relate sob stories about poor graduate students in desperate circumstances. Imply I'm one of them. (Do whatever you have to. If that fails, try whatever it takes.)

Ping Technorati.

Okay - how fast is the blog-land? I'm doing my bit to help. Read about the experiment here. Follow the instructions above (particularly if you have a knitting blog - geeky fibre artists of the would unite)

I'm off to ping technorati...

Here's another cute pic of Pierre (c/o Momma Tuff) to reward you for your help with this research....
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