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Sunday, November 26, 2006


My SP9 sent me a few questions a while ago, and seeing as without photos of my WIPs I am in need of a little blog fodder... so I present the following...

do you like spicy? i noticed there's a favorithe indian restaurant you i would assume at least mild spice you can tolerate! (i LOVE spicy!!!)

I love a little mild spice, but flavour rather than heat. I do have a favourite Indian restaurant(Blu Ginger in Nth Sydney, for those of you playing at home) but my favourite dish is butter chicken. Tuffers and I are a big fan of brunch on weekends, and my special dish is a tomato, capsican and red onion relish I like to throw a little fresh chilli in with for a teeny kick. I also like to throw a little chilli spice / sweet chilli sauce in when I'm whipping up a spag bol or lasagne.

does pierre wear clothes? if so, what kind? what colors? does he like treats and other yummies? what's he allowed to have? not allowed to have?

At the moment (coming into summer), P doesn't wear clothes, but seeing as he is such a little dog, he hates getting wet, and we will be moving to Canberra next year (some would say Canberra is proof hell does, in fact, freeze over) I think he may be in need of some warmer stuff. However, I pledge to only dress him in tasteful clothing (nothing reminiscint of tinkerbell or legally blonde) carefully handmade, and no brands (the exeption may be a driza-bone dog coat, but it's an aussie icon, will keep his fluffy coat dry, and isn't a diamante gucci pashmina for puppydogs...) My sis bought me a book of knits for dogs, so I will make something for P, but nothing that makes him look like I haven't outgrown the need to play dolls (such as a tiara or tu-tu)

In regards to treats - it appears quarantine has a bit of a problem with anything made from animal by-products. The dry kibble-like treats my ISE pal sent me made it through with no problems, but whatever you sent this time is going to be incinerated and destroyed :( The only thing he isn't allowed is the stuff that is unhealthy, and dangerous for dogs (ie chocolate)

He also likes soft toys he can 'kill' and pick up and drag around for a game of catch.

do you have any specific allergies to food stuff? anything food wise you absolutely CAN NOT stand?

No allergies to food, and it is fair to say that anything that most things I don't like won't make it through customs and quarantine.

anything that is hands down, no question...a favorite food of yours? do you do organic? only organic?

I- like candy... I have a big big sweet tooth. As far as organic goes, I'm half a dozen one way, six the other. (okay - I don't have a preference) I have to say, I made those green tea muffins yesterday - and despite looking like a prop from a ghost-busters flic prior to going in the oven - they were fantastic. Keep the surprises coming. But occaisionally feel free to chuck in a sample of american candy like reeses or milk duds or tootsie rolls (now that I know you're in the US!) For some reason these haven't caught on here.

coffee? tea? preferences in either category? (ex. green jasmine tea, ethiopian or colombian coffees, flavored coffees???)

I love coffee, I love tea... I love the java java industry...

I used to work at starbucks. I have been thoroughly brainwashed. Coffee - good. Tea - good.

Tuffers and I often will share a pot of tea - we will brew anything from english breakfast to 'Budda's Tears' (a great herbal blend by t2)

any particular colors in yarn you prefer over others? any particular needle sizes you are in need of? any notions? books?

As you have no doubt already guessed, I love green in all shades. However, probably due to the fact we are coming into summer, I am being drawn to nice, bright, bold, primary colours. The colours you dress kids in before they can choose their own clothes. Look at me colours :)

I don't really need any needle sizes, but as I tend to have more than one (or ten) projects on the go at once I welcome multiple of the same needle size. My preferences:- circular or dpn needles, usually nothing bigger than 4.5mm, and I like the feel of bamboo or wood.

I have recently started making my own stitch markers, so I like funky beads to make these with.

and, of course, I have already hinted that I'm keen to try some kool-aid dying :)

Another pic of the pup courtesy of my dad. Doesn't it make you want to come and visit the harbour city and take a cruise? Posted by Picasa