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Sunday, November 12, 2006

wool museum cont...

The second gallery at the museum is dedicated to the processing of wool... scouring, carding, combing, spinning, dying, weaving, knitting, finishing... here tuffers learnt a little bit (like why I was insulted when I was given a 15kg garbage bag of top and he called it manky sheep fleece) and was a little interested in the big industrial machines used for processing. While I liked looking at the big mechanical processes, I really prefer the more human way of doing things... like this adorable little 4-shaft loom... I want, I want, I want.
I spend quite a bit of time playing with this, infact, so long that Tuffers went all the way through the rest of the museum and had to come back and find me... and then do all the museum again with me :)

I was rather interested in this machine. Can you guess what it does? The items on the wall may help... Yes, it is a sock knitting machine. It was used by Scalliwags socks before being donated to the machine, but there is a loverly little story book full of photographs with this machine about how it was made by a husband and wife who both worked for underwear companies (he for holeproof, she sewed toes in stockings) and he built it from spare parts he brought home from work with him. In the end they built about 13 sock machines and had their own business before selling them all to Scalliwag.

We continued on to the third gallery which had "quilt-art" on display, but I can't show you any pictures of this featured exhibit because it was a strict no-photo display. There is some info on the wool museum site though :) There was also a good exhibit on Public Service animals (not to be confused with those public servant animals...) such as Quarantine beagles, customs canines, mules, horses, camels, carrier pidgeons and sled huskis that have all served the Australian goverment in some way. They even went down to the nitty-gritty of cane-toads and how they were a big mistake. This exhibit was aimed mainly at children, with lots of demos and buttons to push... at this stage I think Tuffers was over the place and wanted cars and crash-test-dummies, so he rushed through while I played around.

Here endeth your virtual tour of the National wool museum through my POV:) Posted by Picasa