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Sunday, November 12, 2006

to market, to market..

Every spring and summer, my Pop does a market tour of the Bellarine Peninsula, peddling wares made by him and my Nan...
The majority of his stall is knitted toys, and crocheted homewares made by my nan, but also plants he has propogated, windchimes made from recyled cutlery, and gorgeous boxes and chests made from recycled timber. As you can see, my grandparents are very hard-working for retired pensioners :)
As a trip 'home' isn't complete without a trip down the coast, and Tuffers hadn't seen my Pop's market before (and hence where my weird obsession with knitting comes from), He, Pierre, Mum and I piled into Mum's car and went for a drive to Queenscliff.

First and foremost, we found Pop's stall, where I purchased a couple of Nan's toys (elephants in sailor suits for friends kids) after much haggling (I tried to pay full price, but Pop doesn't like to charge family much, if anything, but I appreciate the skill and hard work, and that my grandparents are pensioners and if nothing else, need funds to replace their materials)

After this, we explored the rest of the market where we found this most irresistible stall "Tea with Alice cupcakes"

FuIll points for attention to detail and presentation . It was very difficult not to buy one of everything on the stall - and the cupcakes were as delicious as they looked.

Of course, the big surprise of the day was when we found another papillon puppy. This gorgeous girl was a little shy around boisterous Pierre, but we managed to get her to pose for a pretty pic. Posted by Picasa