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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Humble Pie...

Well, it was bound to happen. I was bragging about finished objects so early in the year.

You see, yesterday, after I had completed the Almost Tiger Socks I immediately cast on for yet another pair of socks for Tuffers from that final ball of ONline I ordered specifically for his socks.

My Mum and I drove to the other side of Melbourne today to visit my currently health-challenged sister. My Mum was driving, so I was guaranteed at least two hours knitting time - before we got stuck in the citylink carpark for at least half an hour and being delayed slightly for Westgate Bridge roadworks - and went driving around to closed yarn shops (we were going to check out Marta's Yarns, and when we got there, there was a sign that said "closed until further notice" - we had a good peek in the windows, and I now remember reading somewhere that Marta is sick?) so by the time we were heading back into the outskirts of Geelong in the afternoon I had completed the heel (I still want to say turned the heel, even though I use short rows) and completed a good three inches above that when I looked at the sock and thought

"That foot looks a bit small"

I then tried the sock on, and it fit my foot quite comfortably. And then, being in denial, I got Dad (who has the same size feet as Tuffers) to try the sock on when we got home, and sure enough - it was at least an inch to small...

So a frogging we went. I appear to have gotten a tad bit overconfident with all the socks I have been knitting lately.

This is the current state of the sock. This is going to be the "Very Manly Sock" - the colours could only mean it is a mans sock, and I am using a nice manly wide 5x1 rib. And most of the knitting has been done whilst the cricket was on the TV or radio, so it has been absorbing manly sporting vibes. I was going to take a picture of it next to manly objects such as powertools and beer mugs, but thought we might avoid anything that could damage the sock I obviously had such bad karma around me. (I was scared I would get a rogue drill that would attack the sock, yarn and my favourite DPNs even without being plugged in)

Anyway - the visit with my Sis went well. She has a shocking cold / flu, but the drugs kicked in enough that we were able to check out a couple of LYSs - As already stated, Marta's was closed, but we went to a button store on Glenferrie Rd (creatively named The Button Shop) which has heaps of yarn in stock - it doesn't have any fancy displays, the store isn't user friendly, the prices aren't particularly cheep and the customer service wasn't the best, but boy did they have some yarn there. There were different Patons labels from the past three decades on some of the yarn sitting in bags on shelfs. I got some loopy mohair, and plan to make some funky teddy-eared beanies for winter - and Ladybug buttons for the Dale ladybug sweater. If you are looking for staple yarns from Patons, Cleckheaton, Panda or Shepard I'd recommend checking it out - there seem to have all the different types of yarn each produces, including discontinued lines and colours.

Sis, spending her ill days on the couch in front of the TV, has been keen into the knitting - she gave my Mum a cute tea-cosy from the latest issue of Yarn, finished the Bejewelled scarf while we were there, and we saw one of her hiking socks from a previous issue of yarn. She said she was going to put pictures up so go visit her blog and check it out (and if there aren't pictures there tell her to stop being so gawdamm lazy ;))


Polly said...

Hope your sisters projects are going to be like small pox blankets!

Amy J said...

Hey, I have pictures, lots of them. You should check it out some time. And I have been really busy, only I am still too sick to take myself to the yarn store to get some circular needles to carry on my shawl (
which I am really excited about).

Can you please stop with the small text, you're killing my illness induced red eyes!