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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vest-ed interest

Nearly two weeks ago, at Rubi and Lana, David mentioned that he was looking for a vest pattern... I knew I had this one on hand.
This is one of the patterns I bought while Op-shopping with my Mum over x-mas/new year, and I will admit I bought it for a bit of a laugh. However, the joke wasn't the porn-star mo, the rose coloured glasses, the huge cravat nor the sprayed-on tight white pants the bloke is modelling, which assures us that this pattern was published in the 70s (1979 to be exact)

The joke was that my Mum had once had this pattern and made it for my Dad. In stylish 70s colours of brown, beige and orange.

My Mum claims to have knit this pattern in 1979 (the year it was published). I can't be 100% sure of the date it was finished, but in 1984 my Dad wore it in the family portrait. A huge framed picture hangs in the hall at my parents house with the date on it. The portrait is just Mum, Dad, Sis and I (Little big brother - aka LBB - wasn't born until '85, as if often referred to as the twinkle in Dad's eye in that portrait)

And, as evidenced here, this item still hangs in my Dad's wardrobe. (Okay - no big deal, my Dad is a terrible hoarder, a habit which one day will prove to be genetic)

Every so often, my LBB "borrows" it to perfect his "golf-punk" look - not bad for an article of clothing we have photographic proof of being older than he is. (in fact - if Mum did finish it in '79 it is older than all of us "kids")

This vest has held up incredibly well - it is made from Patons Bluebell - a 5ply/sportweight pure wool. It actually isn't longer on one side than the other - I rotated the photo and it changed the perspective so it looks like it was made for Quasimodo. Trust me, my Dad is no Sean Connery, but neither does he have a hump :) ("Hi Dad, I love you!")

Here is a close up of the vest - I am a tad bit jealous of how neat my Mum's stranded knitting is.

I really like the pink female version of this vest, so it has gone into the "one-day" pile of patterns.

Big "ta" to my Dad for taking the pictures of the vest and emailing the up to me so I could include them in this post.

PS - Wish me luck - I have a job interview on Friday arvo. Yes, I know it's a holiday, but it suited better than Saturday, which is when I plan to be knitting at the Opera.


Lara said...

Yay! See you at the opera :)

Taphophile said...

Love your Dad's vest. That old Patons wool just keeps going and going. My Dad is wearing Totem cardies Mum made him over 30 years ago. Have fun in the Domain.