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Friday, January 19, 2007

i heart -

*$$ (starbucks-get it?) ! and Tuffers.... I forgot to mention that he got me this cute little bear-ista as an 'after-thought' xmas present. The traveller mug I picked up in Canberra for a steal just after new year - even though it is obviously xmas themed, I think I will use it all year round because it suits a recently converted sock maniac like myself. (and its the hidden short size, which means smaller, cheaper coffees when I use it at *$$ - even though not advertised on the menu board you can order the short at any time if you want a smaller coffee - it may just take the partners a while to find the right size cup)

And speaking of *$$ in Canberra, it appears I will not be a regular at the s&b's down that way. Due to a last minute change with Tuffers' work, the move has been postponed at least 12
months. However, I will try to make it to a session or too - just to meet a few of the bloggers I check in with on a regular basis.

And at the risk of sounding redundant - more markers on ETSY - including twins to my 'i heart 2 knit' markers I chatted about here. That will be the last addition for about a week - I am awaiting a bulk delivery of findings to make some more.


Taphophile said...

Shame we won't see you regularly any time soon, Ginge, but it would be great to see you when you can.

I've got an ancient Starbucks travel mug which I bought for 50c at an op-shop years ago. Even though I forget half the time, reckon I've made my money back in discounts by now. Thanks for the tip about the short size.