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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

blah... oh, and big sale

Sorry, but I am feeling a bit blah today - I spent 2.5 hours with my career coach revising my resume (so I could continue to fund my yarn habit after I finish with my current employement in a couple of weeks...bad bad ebay is tempting me again)

The good news is I got to do some sasquatch sock knitting while taking the scenic route through Longueville on the non-air conditioned bus... as you can see, these really are being made for a Bigfoot

I made good progress my loopy-mohair trim sweater - until I reached the 55 rows of boring stockinette, which is about this far...

up til here there was shaping every few rows, so it went rather fast. I am liking the way it is knitting up - should be nice fitted garment when I am done. I did check out the stash, and again I am short a few balls of totem. I shall have to do a run around again to see if I can get two or three balls more. I know a few places in Sydney that had a bit in stock about 6 months ago, so am staying optimistic. (but just in case - I am using colour #4249 if you have some lying is your stash you want to get rid off... I won't even bother with the dye lot as I doubt it will match - I'll just knit a sleeve with the extra when I get it)

Following some encouragement from Kate, I have started my own etsy store. To begin with it will just be my handmade stitch markers (in fact, only one set at the moment - the black cats pictured) and I'll see where it goes from there. Please drop by and feel free to pass on any constructive criticism.

And finally - just because I can, here is Pierre going crazier than a 3yo on red cordial after a bath. The poor guy has it a bit rough at the moment - he is having problems with bush ticks (the non-paralytic ones) and had an unscheduled visit to the vet for an insecticide scrub and a shot to help the itching. I gave him the bath prior to taking him to the vet - the poor runt was so aggravated by the parasites that he looked like he was trying to chew his legs off. (oh - and he has officially hit 2kg, never mind that that was complete with harness, colour, dog tag and lead)


Jenny said...

My LYS up here in Armidale definitely has plently of stock of Patons Totem, but I'm not 100% sure she has #4249. Let me know if you can't get it in Sydney, or contact the shop - - it's only the contact details up there at the mo' - I'm still busy building the site.